MATRIXSYNTH: Moog Honors International Women's Day with List of Female Electronic Music Pioneers

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Moog Honors International Women's Day with List of Female Electronic Music Pioneers

Update: I thought this post was missing someone, so I took the liberty of adding her myself. The wonderful Emmy Parker of Moog Music. I hope Moog and Emmy don't mind. :) Emmy is Moog Music's Brand Director, and Co-Creative Director of Moogfest, meaning one of THE driving forces behind both, and hence current electronic music. That, and she is pretty awesome.

[image credit: TRAVELISTA]

In case the only site you visit on the internet is MATRIXSYNTH, today is International Women's Day. Moog Music did something really cool for it. They sent out a series of Tweets honoring the female pioneers of electronic music. Here they are:

Opening Tweet: "1/13Honoring the powerful female electronic music pioneers who are the foundation of our diverse sound communities #InternationalWomensDay"

"2/13 #BebeBarron 1925-2008: Composed 1st electronic music score for a commercial film, ‘Forbidden Planet’ in ’55"

"3/13 #DaphneOram 1925-2003: Early tape manipulator, cofounded BBC Radiophonic Workshop, created Oramics graphical sound synthesis technique"

"4/13 #PaulineOliveros 1932-2016: Early experimenter w/ tape music & synthesis, directed SF Tape Music Center, founded 'Deep Listening’"

"5/13 #DeliaDerbyshire 1937-2001: Crafted synthesized sounds for films, art & TV, including the iconic arrangement for the 'Doctor Who' theme"

"6/13 #AliceShields 1943-Present: Technical instructor & assoc. dir. of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center from 1965-’82"

"7/13 #ElianeRadigue 1932-Present: Master of Arp 2500, complex tape editing techniques, minimalism and 'infinitely discreet' music"

"8/13 #MichelineCoulombeSaintMarcoux 1938-1985: Canadian electroacoustic pioneer, 1st woman awarded the Prix d’Europe in composition (1967)"

"9/13 #RuthWhite 1925-Present: Early electroacoustic experimentalist, owner of Moog #38, released standout 1969 synth album Flowers of Evil"

"10/13 #WendyCarlos 1939-Present: Early collaborator of Dr. Moog, award winning film scorer, released ground-breaking album Switched-On Bach"

"11/13 #SuzanneCiani 1946-Present: 1st woman to work in Buchla factory, Buchla modular master, 1st solo female composer of major H'wood film"

"12/13 #LaurieSpiegel 1945-Present: Developed algorithmic music composition software, 1 of her recordings was put on the Voyager spacecraft"

"13/13 Explore the sounds of these foundational composers & honor their spirit by charting a new musical course:"
[click through to listen]

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