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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Rare Ultimate Percussion K2-x

via this auction

"Ultimate Percussion K2-X Analog Synthesizer System
8 Channel drum/synth with built in sequencer.

Nice analogue drum module. Very different to Simmons and Tama units. Has 8 individual channels/sounds. Can be triggered by a CV sequencer or other drum triggers (not included). Each channel/sound has its own input trigger and individual output. It also has a stereo output. There is a stereo EQ for the output also. The onboard preset sequencer is very basic, not programmable, just has a few preset sequences that can play. The Ultimate Percussion K2-X is a very unit, I have two of them, the one I am selling is the same as the one in the pictures. There's a link to a youtube video I made a while back testing it with a 707 as the trigger. Not a great deal of info around about this one, a few of them pop up on matrix synth from time to time.

Pros, good bass, really nice white noise and pure analogue snares and hat type sounds. Toms are what you would expect from an analogue drum module. Used by PLAID (apparently)
Cons, it's very green. It's big.

Good condition. It's a vintage unit so comes with a few bumps and scratches here and there but overall is in great condition. Looks good. All the knobs have their caps.

more info: 8 trigger inputs
Individual outputs + stereo main outputs and headphone output
One special Bass drum channel
One special Snare channel
Six completely tuneable oscillator synth channels
All channels have these controls - Level, Pan, Trigger Sensitivity, Decay, Bite, Noise Filter, Noise + VCO mix, VCO pitch and VCO Sweep
All channels have Pulse button - Pulse generates an in tempo trigger."

Only a handful of these have been featured on the site.


  1. I have one of these and am looking to sell it. Would anyone on here be interested in buying? Or knows of anyone else who might?

    1. pls email me:



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