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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Demo

Published on Mar 11, 2017 100 Things I Do

"A trip to MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) last night to tackle the Prophet 10. I owned a Prophet 5 years ago but it just did not work with the music I was making at the time and I was always scared something would go CRACKKKkkk then SMOKE and then very large repair bill... this was before I had the skills myself to repair...but more on this later.

So here it is .. the Prophet 10.. 5 times more and a few little sneaky extras. The most notable for me is the DRONE button and the BASS , MID and TREBLE controls. So dreams of making John Carpenteresque music all night left me and I ended up exploring the drone function.

The lights were out over the Pro10 so I didn't really make that much video but still thought I would share my noodelings.

As to My Prophet 5 , Well I sold it to someone that also did not get along with it and on sold it. Unfortunately he sold it to someone across the other side of the country and by the time it arrived by transport the transformer had come loose and damaged the internals of the synth. I wish I had kept it! I can only hope it was repaired later."

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  1. Nice track! What reverb were you using?



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