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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Studio Electronics MIDIMini SN 1299

via this auction

"Studio Electronics MIDIMini, SN#1299. This is a hen’s tooth. If you’re looking at this ad I needn’t say anymore. This is a MIDI-operated, MILSPEC rack mount MiniMoog with velocity sensitivity and filter sensitivity. Fiberglass-epoxy PCB’s here, no phenolic boards allowed, thermally-compensated oscillator boards (no drifting), what the MiniMoog would have been if manufactured this decade...

The Pros
Just serviced and aligned to standard temperament (not stretch-tuned), and ready to play. I’m impressed at how much easier it is to get those Jan Hammer tones after the alignment: since it doesn’t drift, you can actually wait till the oscillators line up at that perfect spot & then turn OSC SYNC on. The Dynamic VCA switch was noisy, so it was replaced (see pic). All functions work, no grommets missing on the Tune & Scale trimpots on the rear. Given its age it is in good condition. Electronically, it's mint to excellent.

The Cons
Unit was rack mounted before I obtained it, so little bit of rack rash is present. No gouges or broken ears, but just a heads up on something this rare. Top cover was mounted with different screws than the original black machine screws. The top front is missing three of these machine screws. For cosmetic purposes, rather than have my local tech use the same screws used to fasten the top on, I just had him leave those alone with the hope I would someday locate replacements. The BEND range knob is easier to turn than the DVCF and LFO. I’m assuming the previous owner used that control more than the other two so it just feels softer than the other two. Not a malfunction or problem, but again, just a heads up on condition."

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