MATRIXSYNTH: Updated CHEETAH MS6 Analog Polyphoni Synth w/ Individual Outs SN B/032613

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Updated CHEETAH MS6 Analog Polyphoni Synth w/ Individual Outs SN B/032613

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"The MS6 is a late '80s, 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer module from British company Cheetah.

Similar to the Oberheim Matrix-1000, like its American counterpart the MS6 offers a huge amount of preset and user voices. Sounds are broken down in five Preset and two User banks, and are grouped in categories such as Strings, Brass, Bass, Effects and so on.

This is a great-sounding, classic DCO analog synth: plenty of warm strings/pads, acid basses, excellent synth leads, and all kinds of special effects.

Moreover, the MS6 is multi-timbral, and features aftertouch, and is very responsive - that makes it a very expressive instrument for leads.

Update with SIX individual outs, one for each voice, so you can mix each voice to your liking. The original ms6 only has a stereo out so this is an amazing and powerful mod.

Also has been updated with the firmware upgrade which adds:

• Remote control of all tone edit parameters using CC messages, both in tone and performance mode

• Three more DCO shape settings, both for DCO A and B: off, pulse + triangle and pulse + sawtooth. The new pulse shapes can use PWM as well.

• Extended SysEx support: single patch and edit buffer dumps + requests, full dump and status requests.

• Mono mode, per-part, with a choice of always retriggering the envelopes or to not retrigger when playing legato (i.e. pressing a new key before releasing the current one).

• Portamento, per-part, constant-time (0.015 - 18.3 s) or constant-rate (400 - 0.44 semitones/s). Full-time or fingered (i.e., only in mono mode when playing legato).

• Support for bank 7 tones in performances.

• MIDI bank select (CC #0), globally and per-part.

• Program change per-part.

• No more partial drop-outs at bottom C (130.8Hz).

This basically turns it into a whole new synth, and can now be completely controlled from Ableton or a hands on midi controller."

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