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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Vintage Arp Odyssey MK1

via this auction

"This unit is in great shape cosmetically, looks very clean. It also just got back from servicing. Apparently previous owner had tried some DIY repairs and done a poor job of it, and it came to me needing work. I sent it to a professional tech that completed servicing it did a nice job cleaning the internals, securing all the boards in place, replacing necessary capacitors, rebuilding the keyboard (plays very nice), servicing the sliders (they all move smoothly). Two of the sliders were replaced with the newer LED lit sliders.

It's 98% functional at this point, all the features working as they should. The only issue is the tracking on the oscillators. If they are tuned together while playing a single note, they will get out of tune with each other the further up or down the keyboard you move away from the starting tuning note. After about an octave is becomes somewhat noticeable and at 2 octaves there is definite detuning sound. This is the last step the tech did not have time to troubleshoot. Otherwise it is working great.

I believe this to be a MkI internally but with the black/gold case and a knob style tuning section (unlike the push pads on MkIIs and MkIII). So probably a late MkI during a transition period between Mk1 and Mk2. It has the Arp 4023 filter. The serial plate/number is missing (and oddly there is a 3260 model serial number on this but it is not related to Odyssey model number)" SN 0168

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