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Sunday, March 26, 2017

White Noise - All Sounds Within

"white noise only with filters and resonators and reverb

Well Todd Barton got me started on this from a lecture a long time ago. White noise is a treasure trove of sound but like truffle in the forest you have to dig for it a bit. Its lurking there waiting to get out once the proper door is opened.

This is one starts out with the white noise source only but then gets filtered, resonated and reverbed returning to white noise at the end, the stuff in the middle is the interesting part, although quite random.

The different notes emerge from self resonating Frostwave Resonator filter (MS20 clone) receiving 4 sample and hold random CVs for hi and low pass cutoffs and resonator levels,

A Murf adds the percussive fun, an H9 does for echoes and reverb

mostly this is an experiment, proof of concept, not really a 'piece' so to speak, use headphones if you can, enjoy the ride.

frostwave resonatormoog murfeventide h9"

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