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Monday, April 24, 2017

Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"It is in fairly good condition. Cosmetically, it has a few issues. Two of the knobs are missing, one of the corners of one of the end pieces is damaged, one of the corners on the front underside is slightly bent, there are some scratches on the back and bottom, and several of the knobs are about a millimeter higher than the others because the pots were replaced with new ones in early 2015 (this is hardly noticeable and makes no difference in playing). I have also noticed something loose (such as a small screw) rattling around inside the synth.

Functionally, the oscillator 2 pulse width potentiometer is a bit jumpy when moved, but it works once it is set. I have noticed a few other jumpy pots in the past, but not when I played and tested it recently over the past several days. Sometimes they smooth out with use. Also, I have occasionally experienced random menu jumping in the past (such as jumping from filter to envelope menu), but I did not notice it when I played it and tested it over the past several days. This is a fairly common A6 problem and could be due to bad pots or loose internal ribbon connectors, and it should be easily fixed if it crops up by replacing pots or resetting internal ribbon connectors.

Otherwise, everything works and all of the voices tune. Also included is a sustain pedal, power cord, and the original manual. In general, this synth isn't in the best shape and could use some work, but it is certainly playable as it is."

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