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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Insane Synths: SIDRASSI ORGAN (rare "touch" synthesizer)

Published on Apr 27, 2017 daleturner

"SIDRASSI ORGAN: This is one of my favorite 'exotic' synths, and is quite rare. Of the few videos of it on the web, virtually all focus on its 'noise-making' abilities. In this video, however, I attempt to showcase its unique MELODIC and RHYTHMIC capabilities. Enjoy! (It's totally "dry" in the video.)

The Sidrassi Organ has seven pressure-sensitive bars (buttons on front scroll each bar through random tunings). It's fantastic for making wild noisebursts/bleeps (the focus of virtually ALL Sidrassi vids on the web), but it's also highly “playable,” and I think, capable of BEAUTIFUL sound (my mission, with this quasi "TUTORIAL" video). In addition to the tuning buttons on the unit's front, there is a master pitch knob, as well as a master modulation/chaos knob. There are also 42 nodes to touch or weave with wire, making weird/unique tone combinations. It has two outputs: Press a bar, its sound goes left, release it, its sound goes right. An extremely fun/chaotic 'happy accident' synthesizer!

Designed by Peter Blasser (distributed by Ciat-Lonbarde)

PS: I'm using the BRILLO PAD at the end to randomly 'go modular' with the contacts at the top of the unit. I have some alligator clips... but didn't use those in this vid. Apparently people use coins, wires, skin... whatever, to mess with the random "modular" factor... (but the contacts all go to NOBODY KNOWS WHERE, intentionally, for more randomness!) Definitely one of those oddities that sneaks its way into some things... at the very least, in the background, gurgling away.

Song: 'Sidrassi Organ Improvisations'
© Dale Turner 2017"

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