MATRIXSYNTH: 'The Payback' (Explicit) - Gist

Sunday, April 30, 2017

'The Payback' (Explicit) - Gist

Published on Apr 29, 2017 ngarjuna

A new track from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, ngarjuna. Enjoy.

"'The Payback' - Gist
Produced by ngarjuna
by James Brown, Fred Wesley, John Starks
© 2017 Acid Coast

Gist is
ngarjuna - bleeps and bloops
Rich Prewett - guitars

TransUniversal Vocal Discombobulator
Medic Modules Cranial Saw, AJH Minimod Modules, Zynaptiq Morph, Cytomic The Drop

Acid Voice
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon

Rayzoon Jamstix

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon

Intelliljel Rubicon, SSF Quantum Rainbow, Medic Modules Cranial Saw, Pittsburgh Oscillator, AJH Minimod VCF, Envelopes, VCA

I’m mad!
The big payback!
Got to pay back
The big payback!
I need that get back
The big payback!
There it is
I’m mad!

Get down with my girlfriend, That ain’t right
Hollerin’ cussin’, You wanna fight
Payback is the thing you’ve got to see
Brother do any damn thing for me
Sold me out for chicken change
Yes you did
Told me that they had it all arranged
You had me down and that’s a fact
Now you punk
You’ve gotta get ready
For the big payback
The big payback!
That’s where I am

I can do wheelin’
I can do dealin’
Yes you can
But I don’t do no damned squealin’
I can dig rappin’
I can dig scrappin’
But I can’t dig that backstabbin’
Oh no
The brother get ready that’s a fact
Get ready you mother for the big payback
The big payback!

Took my money
Took my honey
Don’t want to see what you’re doing to me
Gotta get back
Gotta deal with you, Gotta deal with you
Gotta deal with you!
Get down with my woman that ain’t right
Hollerin’ cussin' wanna fight
Don’t do me no darn favor
I don’t know karate
But I know ka-razor
Yes you do
Get ready that’s a fact
Get ready you mother for the big payback
The big payback!
I’m a man I’m a man
I’m the son of a man
But don’t they tell you then papa can
Get ready for the big payback
The big payback!

Deal, deal, deal you like to make those deals
But you’re only here to steal
How’d you expect us to feel
The big payback!
But you’re slippery like an eel
Had to break that seal
That’s okay
Because my heart is made of steel
Yes you did
And then anyway
Then anyway
None of this
Oh no!
None of this is fucking real
Ain’t having none of this"

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