MATRIXSYNTH: Vintage Minimoog Model D SN 1075 w/ 1130 Drum Controller

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vintage Minimoog Model D SN 1075 w/ 1130 Drum Controller

via this auction

"This Minimoog was one of the very first, made in 1971, as the 73rd unit with serial number 1073 [the SN, as you can see below, is actually 1075]. It is in amazing condition - clean inside and out! The Minimoog and 1130 drum controller were both serviced and tested - they are good to go!

Pictures of the inside of the Minimoog were taken while it was being serviced.

Servicing done for the Minimoog includes the following:

PCB mounting spaces removed and replaced
All keys removed and cleaned
Unit re-bushed, keys re-installed
Key contacts cleaned and adjusted
Mod/Pitch wheel assembly removed, pots cut and cleaned, re-installed
All circuit boards removed, all edge connectors cleaned
Power supply smoothing capacitors removed and replaced with new
All control pots cut and cleaned
All switches cleaned
Circuit boards re-installed
Repaired VCO2 solder joint - re-soldered
Noise trimmer replaced
PSU/VCF card replace electrolytic capacitors
Full calibration to factory specs

Servicing for the 1130 drum controller includes:
Removed foam and re-foamed
Molex on PCB repaired
Wiring connector 6pin opened up, wiring repaired
Pins cleaned, pots tightened, calibrated to spec."

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  1. Holy cow! That's actually the original, FIRST oscillator board still installed in this unit - they apparently never swapped it out for a later one. That makes this a pretty special machine for the right party, because that first oscillator board intact in a machine, while likely pretty problematic to a player the real world, would be pretty important/valuable to the right collector.



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