MATRIXSYNTH: X1L3 - Circuit bent casio PT30 + CBUK CB55 drum module - darkwave synth jam

Sunday, April 16, 2017

X1L3 - Circuit bent casio PT30 + CBUK CB55 drum module - darkwave synth jam

Published on Apr 16, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Live key jam focussed on subtle use of the delay and ruiner mods. Under pinned by a CB55 drum module built using the board available at:

Not an overly bent or warped session, but a slick example of what a bent casio can sound like when modified with some finesse.

The CB55 has some mods applied which i've documented and made available through a few avenues such as the synth diy page and my own page on facebook.

Incoming midi to the midi to gate in the eurorack is used to trigger the CB55 along with an AR generator routed to a filter which the drums are passed through. An AR generator is also routed to the filter in the PT30 to gate its filter via the cv input. The filter is gated by the AR generator through the first half and then the cutoff opened up for the melody for the latter section.

The ruiner mod is used subtly through the whole session to shift the wave form of the PT30 for an animated waveshaping/PWM type effect. In a different arena, as with the delay, it can be used to totally screw up the output of the keyboard. Which i'll show in another more extreme upload.

13 raw circuit bends - extreme pitch control - drum/chord/bass boost/mute etc etc.
Ruiner - ringmod/distortion.
Digital delay untethered to behave as a bent delay pedal would.
Sallen key resonant low pass filter.

Lacking the midi of my PT80 configuration but compensating for it with far more mods and a much wider scope on the fucked up spectrum."

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