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"The B30 is a two VCO subtractive analogue synth that was available in kit form during the late seventies and early eighties. The synth was featured in Practical Electronics magazine and provided people with a more affordable way to buy a synthesizer than the extremely expensive ready built moogs etc. There is information available now online about the history of the synth and also the schematics and build instructions. I will also supply with the synth a 17 page printout of the instructions. These are also available here.

These synths are extremely rare and I have only ever seen two for sale on ebay in the last decade, this particular one is the only one I have seen with real wooden end cheeks and also the super cool pointer dials! I got the synth about 15 years ago and always intended to restore it to it's full glory but have never had the time to do this. A change in my circumstances have prompted a reluctant sale.

A fully working example has just been sold on Reverb for £1440!

The sounds you can get with the synth are incredible. Fat, squelchy, bass, other worldly sci-fi strings and pads, ear splitting bleeps and beeps. The sub-octaves and extremely smooth filter sweeps make some awesome noises. It is essentially a monster!! You can trigger the noises via the keyboard or set to repeat and use the ADSR and filters to make pulsing bass and synth lines. The Mod wheel can be also used to alter the filters.

As the item is sold as seen i will list all the glitches that need rectifying.

VCO1 is permanently on. This pot needs repairing/replacing. It currently allows you to alter the amount but not switch off. It should click off at the far anti-clockwise position.

There is a small mark on one of the keys (see pic).

All switches and dials (other than VCO1) work, but could probably do with contact cleaning.

The tuning sometimes goes out - though this is probably an easy fix.

The keyboard, which are a little notorious on these synths, needs attention. Most keys work but some are intermittent.

The pointer for the VOL is missing - standard post size.

It is hard to fully test the synth because of it's analogue nature, sometimes the same settings give you very different noises and you almost "sculpt" the sounds as you go. This gives you incredibly unique sounds if a little quirky when it comes to reliability! I have checked all the various functions to the best I can. I am sure that the glitches will be an easy fix for someone with the time and skills and hope it is a great project for someone who appreciates these kind of instruments."

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