MATRIXSYNTH: 3 Modules #14: Maths, Braids, Ears

Saturday, July 08, 2017

3 Modules #14: Maths, Braids, Ears

Published on Jul 8, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"'Oh yeah!', it's the first episode featuring Braids!

Frankly, I was just fooling around trying to make Maths do something weird and non-repetitive (so excuse the mess of cables in this one), when suddenly a voice was seductively moaning: OH YEAAAAAH! Naturally, I had to get my camera out and record some of this.

Patch notes:
The basic idea was to use Braids' built in quantizer in conjunction with a complex CV signal from Maths/Ears to create an interesting step sequence.

There's too many connections going on with Maths to thoroughly explain everything here. I was trying to create a sequence of slow movements that wouldn't repeat identically every time. However, that idea was left half cooked when I stumbled across this vocal sound. I'll probably be getting back to a more concise take on this idea in a later episode.

It all becomes kinda convoluted here, and I know all of this is totally unnecessary to achieve that funny "oh yeah" sound: all you really need for that is to sweep Braids' 'timbre' in a certain way.

I'm using the VFOF mode on Braids, and the internal quantizer 'converts' Maths' continuous CV signal to steps. I was using the JAPAnese scale (I know, I wrote minor pentatonic in the video. Whoops!). Additionally, I'm using Braids' internal envelope to modulate the "color" parameter every time the pitch jumps from one step to the next.

Ears is following the envelope of the inverted sum output from Maths, and sending the resulting signal back into a bunch of Maths' parameters. I found that with this patch I could use Ears' amplitude knob to sort of 'lock' the sequence of notes into a certain range, in a way that would only slowly take effect when the knob was moved – interesting!"

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