MATRIXSYNTH: modular synthesizer vs pot lid ambient session (mutable instrument ears, rings)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

modular synthesizer vs pot lid ambient session (mutable instrument ears, rings)

Published on Jul 29, 2017 ollilaboratories

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Yes, you read the title correct.. I connected a pot lid to my modular system, cookin' up some ambient tunes :)

Really, I have no idea what I am doing but it is great fun :D I recently got the Mutable Instruments ears, and also today bought a KORG CM-200 contact microphone to be able to add acoustic elements and textures for processing in the modular.. now this calls for a pot session right ? :)

Ears gets the audio signal from the CM200 microphone, which in turn sends audio to the MI rings, strumming is being done on a random fashion with the 2hp Turing Maching using a clock in maths.

1v/Oct in on the RIngs is quantized with the penrose, which has LFO in from the tides, on a slow rate.

/Odd/ channels from rings goes straight out to 1U mixer mixer, the other /Even/ goes into the morphagene which is in sound on sound mode and plays back everything it hears in reverse .. + some glitchy stuff.

Braids soundsource (drone) Maths is controlling the filter on the uVCF which the braids goes into.. . and the Ripples filter is in serial controlled by the second maths channel plus retriggered by the gate out from MI ears.

everything then goes into the EQD pedals + Keeley engineering reverb for FX treatment.

Oh, and at 03.55 I am humming/singing one note drones into the pot lid (now there is a sentence you don't read that often) .. none of the camera angles captured it, but this is what you hear if the sound sources might be a bit confusing :)

Booom, and be careful the track is very dynamic, listen to it on moderate volume the first time.. :)"

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