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Monday, August 28, 2017

Elektron Analog Heat demonstration using drums and synth

Published on Aug 28, 2017 soundseasy

Starts with the Roland TR-09. The new Roland SH-01A comes in at 1:44.

"We thought it would be fun to take the Elektron Analog Heat for a spin using the Roland TR-09 and and SH-01a as our sound sources.

I'll be honest with you and say that the Analog Heat had escaped my attention, I mean you work in an environment surrounded by flashy bits of kit and bells and whistles, and an unassuming black box tends to fade into the background.

Well not any more!

This unassuming black box is a well camouflaged beast!

Not only does it have stunning distortions but also one of the sweetest sounding filter sections I've ever heard. Couple that with a comprehensive LFO and you have yourself a totally unique sonic tool box that will keep you twiddling for hours! (As we did)

We don't cover it in this demo, but the Analog Heat can also operate as a VST/AU through "Overbridge" (We shall do a demo of this soon).

AND I bet most of you (including myself) didn't know that the Analog Heat is a 2 in 2 out soundcard also, pretty nifty stuff!

My first thought about who would get the most from this unit would be the Techno heads. This unit would add so much depth and character to any hard hitting Techno track. The more I used it though, I starting hearing how it could be used on just about on anything.

Guitars (obviously), but things like adding dirt to hi hats, rich thickness to vocals, and a whole plethora of sounds that you might feel need more harmonic content.

This is far more than a distortion unit, and I think for the people who take the plunge and get one, they will definitely have a secret weapon that will have their peers asking 'How did you get that sound?'

Not cheap, but worth every penny and more!"

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