MATRIXSYNTH: Eurorack Improv no2

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eurorack Improv no2

Published on Aug 23, 2017 Richard Lacy

"A fun patch with Sarah Mac, which were enjoying playing with enough to share…

This started as an ambient idea with Rings, but it got out of hand! Mixed straight to stereo, no overdubs or fiddling afterwards. The only computer involvement was to record the stereo audio from the little Mackie mixer.

Geek notes below.

Main clock is the Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer.

1. DarkTime - Rings (pitch, strum and structure from the Dark Time) - AQA Dual SVS in band pass - Z-DSP (valhalla).
Modulation: Maths Ch1 - Rings Position. Maths Ch 4 - Z-DSP reverb time.
A-145 LFO - Z-DSP wet/dry mix.
2. Bass: Korg MS20. Pitch CV from Analogue Solutions SQ8. Gate from 4MS RCD
3. Bass Drum: Atlantis triggered from an SQ8
4. Descending ambient line: Metropolis - A-110 VCO (saw) - Dave Smith Curtis Filter
5. Radio Music Voice: Turing Machine - RadioMusic - A-120 VCF
6. Radio Music frozen in Clouds. Triggered from a clock divider as a percussive element.
7. Low warbly sound: 4MS RCD - AS EG - A-110 pitch CV - (saw) Shapeshifter pitch input - AM Snowfall VCF. Not sure how the Shapeshifter was configured, but it was a nutty little sound on its own!)
8. 4MS SMR - 4MS DLD. The SMR is receiving modulation from Tides and a Moog CP-251
9. 80s-style synth line. This one is a bit nuts… The Stepper Acid - (pitch) two A-110 VCOs - AS Unity Mixer - A-106 VCF (LP) - Veils VCA. Then…
Stepper Acid gate - A-143-1 Complex EG. Ch 1 - Veils. CH2 and Ch3 are firing in series and modulating the filter.
There's a second chain here, starting with the inverted output of the AS Unity Mixer - A-105 SSM VCF.
Stepper Acid accent output - A-143-2 Quad ADSR. Three channels, firing in series, feeding the three CV inputs on the filter. The overall effect of this makes a nice complex sound for a simple synth sequence.

All the audio went into a little Mackie desk. 2 FX sends:
Aux 1: Deeper Spring Reverb
Aux 2: Moogerfooger Clusterflux.

We could have done more with this patch to refine it, but really it’s just a Jam!
Thanks for watching."

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