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Sunday, August 13, 2017

GRP Eurorack Videos by AudioCentralMagazine

Published on Aug 13, 2017


1. Grp VCO Euro Rack
"The Grp VCO Euro Rack. 00.00 = Octave 01.10 second VCO 01.26 waveforms 02.20 two oscillators 03.20 hard sync 04.36 fm lin & exp 06.38 three oscillators 07.36 sub oscillator"

2. Grp Synthesizer 24 dB Low Pass Filter
"The Grp Synthesizer 24 dB Low Pass Filter Euro Rack. 00.31 = Cutoff & Resonance 01.02 pole select 02.34 distortion 03.09 envelope & lfo modulation 04.41 resonance cv modulation with lfo 06.07 audio rate frequency modulation from vco sine wave."

3. Grp 12 dB State Variable Filter
"Grp Synthesizer 12 db State Variable Filter Euro Rack. 00.17 Cutoff, Resonance & Env Amount 01.34 Input overdrive 02.00 mode selection w. lfo mod 03.18 resonance enveloped 04.09 distortion & resonance 05.50 add sub oscillator 07.19 short envelope 08.18 auto oscillation 09.57 notch."

4. Grp Voltage Controlled Amplifier Euro Rack
"Grp Synthesizer Voltage Controlled Amplifier in Euro Rack Format. On this video: changing linear & exponential response, audio rate AM, initial gain."

5. Grp Envelope Follower Euro Rack
"Acidlab MIAMI goes into Grp Envelope Follower Euro Rack. Gate out fires an ADSR for lowpass filtering MIAMI sound; Env Foll out goes to SVF BandPass Filter for emphasizing snare & hats."

6. Grp Fixed Filter Bank Euro Rack
"Fixed Filter Bank is receiving three sligthy detuned saw oscillators."

7. Grp Stereo Out Module
"Grp Stereo Out Module is receiving a kick (LP full resonance enveloped) on CH 1, a snare (noise highpassed plus click) on CH 4, seq 1 saw&sqr on CH 2 and seq 2 sqr wave on CH 3. Ch 2 and 3 are hard panned L-R; ch 1 and 2 have pan pot control. WARNING! on this video, L and R are INVERTE (nice, isn't it? :-D ). Sequences courtesy of Grp R24 Step Sequencer 8x3."

8. Grp Sample & Hold Euro Rack
"Grp Sample & Hold is controlling: VCF Cutoff, VCO Frequency (w. e w.o. hard sync), sh clock rate, smooth/stepped."

9. Grp Synthesizer Low Frequency Oscillator
"Four Grp Low Frequency Oscillators; each one drives VCA Gain amplifying a filtered oscillators. LFO rates are uncorrelated and each LFO can vary its waveform from ramp to triangle and from triangle to saw."

10. Grp Envelope Generator Euro Rack
"From left to right: first eg on PWM, second eg on cutoff frequency, third eg on cutoff frequency (with double ratcheting gate), fourth eg on amplifier."

11. Grp Mixer Euro Rack
"The inverted Oscillator ("-" out of the left mixer) is subtracted (e.g., added with minus sign) to lowpass filter output... instant high pass filter. :-)"

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