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Friday, August 18, 2017

Intellijel Quad VCA Walkthrough

Published on Aug 18, 2017 intellijel

"This video provides an overview of the Quad VCA with some useful tips on how to use VCAs in general. The Intellijel µVCA utilizes a similar architecture, so you can take advantage of many of these features using both modules.

Quad VCA: Quad voltage controlled amplifier and cascaded mixer

The Quad VCA is a compact and feature packed module that is sure to find its way it almost all of your patches. In addition to being used for standard VCA duties it can also be used as a mixer and signal booster.


Manual LEVEL control per VCA which is convenient when using the module as a mixer or for biasing when CV modulating the VCA with a bipolar LFO.
Dedicated CV attenuators with dual color LEDs for monitoring bipolar CV signals.
Continuously adjustable response from linear to exponential per VCA.
Each CV input is normalled to the adjacent one for cascaded control.
Each output is normalled to the mix input of the adjacent one which allows you to use adjacent sets as submixes or the fourth output can be used as a master mix output when none of the other outputs are patched.
Each VCA has a boost switch that increases the output level by approximately +6dB (double)."

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