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Monday, August 07, 2017

Ministry of Synthesis Video Game

This one spotted and sent in via Brendan. It's a video game focused on synthesis.

How cool is that?!

Wish it was on iOS though.

"A Wave Synthesis Puzzle Game made for Ludum Dare 39

I recommend the post-compo version as it allows you to adjust the volume.

Connect components to match the waveform to the gate to open it. Use your oscilloscope to view the power waves and see how they differ from how they should look, you’ll need to reroute power through the correct modules in order to open the protected gates and continue.

Mac version is in the works and possibly a web port, although some of the audio techniques used might make it difficult.

Arrows = Move
Z = Jump
Z + Down to descend through platform
X = Connect/Disconnect
X + Down = Connect lower socket
C = Toggle Oscilloscope

Escape = Open menu with volume controls

Each module has sockets, input sockets are blue, output sockets are orange.
Input sockets are on the left, output sockets are on the right.
You can attach cables between sockets.
A cable must go from an input to an output socket.
You cannot connect an input to an input or an output to an output.

Oscillator: generates a signal, shows the waveform output.
Various shapes: Sine, Square, Saw, Pulse, Triangle
Various frequencies
Values between -1.0 and 1.0
Later, some oscillators have an input socket which uses the input signal to modulate the phase of the oscillator.
Later, some oscillators have an input socket which uses the input signal to modulate the phase of the oscillator.
Security Module
Controls gate access
Connect a signal to the security module, if the signal matches the one displayed on the security module, the gate will open.
You can compare the input and output on the oscilloscope.
Adds two inputs signals together and outputs the summed value.
Multiplies two input signals and outputs the result.
Requires two inputs to generate a non-zero output.
As the values are in the range -1.0 to 1.0 the multiplier does not increase values.
Anything multiplied by 0 will become 0.
Anything multiplied by a small value will become smaller.
Anything multiplied by 1.0 will stay the same.
Anything multiplied by -1.0 will be flipped.
Multiplies by -1.0 effectively flipping the input signal vertically
Divides by 2, halving the input signal
Takes a single input signal and duplicates it to produce two identical outputs
Lowpass Filter
Removes high frequency components from the input signal
Highpass Filter
Removes low frequency components from the input signal"

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