MATRIXSYNTH: New Percussa SSP Granular Processor V1 Demos and an Update

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Percussa SSP Granular Processor V1 Demos and an Update

Percussa has two new audio demos on their Kickstarter page.

The following are the details minus the audio demos. You'll need to click through above to get to them.

"Thanks again to all backers for the enthousiasm and support! Only a few days left to back the campaign, so if you want an Percussa SSP Eurorack module act now :)

I've been working on a version 1 implementation of a granular processor for the Percussa SSP and Engine. This could be the basis for the granular processor mentioned in Stretch Goal #2. Check out the audio demos below:

Technical details about the audio demos:

1) window used is a trapezoid window (basically attack, sustain and release with linear stages, more windows will be added later)

2) grain frequency is sweeped up and down, and goes into the khz range. Grain freq is the rate at which the grains are triggered.

3) pan position, pitch, duration as well as start times of the grains are randomized.

4) only one instance of the granular processor was used. Obviously we can use multiple instances of the granular processor as we have a LOT of processing power in the SSP (quad core @1.8GHz!)

5) nr of grains was set to 1000, this is the number of grains that can be played simultaneously. Usage of these "grain slots" depends on the grain freq / duration set.

6) grains were picked randomly from the loaded sample, between a start and end position.

7) the start and end position of the "sample section" from which grains are randomly picked is sweeped during the audio demo, these are the 2 main "performance" controls I used while playing with it.

8) grain duration is varied in the demo between 5ms and 50ms.

9) some delay and reverb was applied in the global fx section.

10) there is a "random" parameter which determines how much randomization of grain start position vs grain duration happens.

11) sound was recorded directly to disk (SD Card) on the hardware itself.

Hope you like these demos and we look forward to making this version 1 implementation even more awesome when we reach stretch goal #2!


Bert & Celine"

[click here for a larger pic of the above]

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