MATRIXSYNTH: Allesgrain. (minijackxoloti & op-1)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Allesgrain. (minijackxoloti & op-1)

Servando Barreiro
Published on Aug 30, 2017

Teenage Engineering OP-1 & axoloti software environment used to program a quad granular synth plus low-pass / hi-pass filter.

Update: some additional info on Axoloti via Servando:

"Axoloti It’s a standalone board in which you can program audio effects, synthesizers, midi/cv sequencers and almost any low latency / high quality (24/48) audio gadget you can imagine.

To program the chip you use a graphical programming environment that resembles in a way to puredata / reaktor or a virtual modular synthesizer. This board it’s open-hardware / Open-source, so there are lots of ready made amazing synths & effects to play around with.

the axoloti patch I’m running in this video it’s a 'performance granular synthesizer'. It does Live sampling via audio input and has four different granulators with different characteristics (static / dynamic) and additional lowpass / hipass filters to enhance even more the sonic difference between the granulators. This patch done in 1 Hr was inspired by some vaporware (just a 3d render) granular synth. For more info you can visit"

You can also see the Axoloti label below for other posts featuring the Axoloti.

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