MATRIXSYNTH: 3 Modules #25: Rings, Clouds, Ears

Thursday, September 28, 2017

3 Modules #25: Rings, Clouds, Ears

Published on Sep 28, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"This week's video is a two-parter. First I had a go at using an inverted gate from Ears to create an 'automatically latching drone' with Clouds. But then it felt like a missed opportunity to not flip it around and go from Clouds into Rings instead of the other way around, so I went back and recorded a second part. I think part 2 sounds more interesting, but part 1 had a little bit more going on patch-wise so here they both are.

Patch notes:

In part one I'm sending audio from Ears' contact microphone through Rings' resonator and then into Clouds. I'm "cheating" a tiny bit with the Quadratt to invert Ears' gate output, so that the gate goes high when the audio signal is low (instead of the opposite). I'm then using this inverted gate to freeze Clouds whenever the audio goes below the gate threshold. In other words, Clouds will unfreeze the buffer whenever I tap Ears hard enough, and then immediately freeze the buffer again.

Finally, I'm using Clouds own audio outputs to modulate position and size. Using an audio signal like this is virtually like randomizing those parameters.

For part two I flip Clouds and Rings around, and instead send audio from Ears into Clouds, freeze it, and then process the output with Rings' resonator. Pretty simple, but very cool way to make some moody "dark ambient"-esque drones. I'm changing a lot of the parameters manually here, but you could just as well use CV modulation to make it interesting over time. I especially recommend using a slow LFO to modulate Clouds' position – sweeping through the recorded buffer.

Thanks for watching!"

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