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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Make Noise B&G Shared System - 'Balance'

Published on Sep 17, 2017 Caspar Hesselager

"No editing or post-processing. Audio-only versions of all patches:

Overall patch notes:

-René sequences DPO Osc A and B with the unquantized (tuned manually) and quantized pitch cv.
Some X gates

-DPO has the gate out on Pressure Points 1 going to Exp FM on Osc B to create momentary, clangy, high-pitched notes. Osc A has a slight Lin FM from the Wogglebug Smooth Audio, and slight Exp FM from a few occasional Gates fired by René. Osc B is modulated by the Woggle audio out from Wogglebug. Both the Final and the Sine outputs on Osc B are used.

-Pressure Points 2-4 control Slide on Moprhagene, creating different presets for the sample.

-Maths OR and Sum outs go to Optomix, inverted output goes to Fold on DPO B.
Ch. 1 Fall is modulated by the cv out from Erbe Verb (going through Wogglebug S&H, making it a stepped voltage).

-ErbeVerb is set in reverse mode, clocked by Clock out from Echophon, and is modulated heavily
by its own CV out (going back into decay and depth) and Smoothed cv out from Wogglebug into Size.

-Tempi clocks René X and Y axes, occasionally sending a reset pulse to the X Mod input.

-Everything goes through a subtle delay on the Echophon before hitting the ErbeVerb."

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