MATRIXSYNTH: Paper Synth Workshop Announcement & PS401 3:1 Clipping Mixer Details

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Paper Synth Workshop Announcement & PS401 3:1 Clipping Mixer Details

See this previous post for a video.

Details on the 401 and workshop:

"Paper Synth 401 is a three channel mixer with built in diode clipping for each channel. Saturation is a classic way to get more character out of synthesized sounds. Sometimes it is also needed to ad some edginess to waveforms in order to give some gripping surface to, for example resonant filters.

The sound of the clipping is not like super harsh guitar pedal kind of distortion, instead it adds color and harmonics to the sound to make it more interesting, especially when the clipped signals are mixed together.

Each of the 3 channels has a separate volume control knob. Far left hand side is silence, middle of the turn is 0db, same volume as signal coming in. If the signal coming in is a eurorack standard 10Vpp, the mixer channel starts to clip after turning the knob right from the middle. Each channel offers a hefty 6db of clipping, so even if the signal coming in, is quieter than 10Vpp, it will get loud enough to start clipping.

The module can also be used as a normal clean mixer, if the channel knobs are kept below the middle point.

All the channels sum into a channel with separate volume control, allowing 6 db of clean gain when needed. A trimmable clip led is attached to the output of the main channel, normally trimmed to light up at 10Vpp.

Three Clip Mix comes with a standard eurorack power connector, but also supports +-15V systems with small modifications.

A non drilled diy aluminium faceplate is also handed at the workshop. We have a possibility to drill the faceplates in our workshop after the electronics have been built.

In the workshop we will build the PS411-EnvAmp. We learn the basics principles how the attack/release envelope generator works and how the optocoupler controlled VCA. And certainly we learn how to use the PS411 - EnvAmp.

All the tool and materials will be provided. The workshop will be held in English and German.

24. September 2017 - 12pm to 7pm
*Studio A.Pussinen & W.Spahn*
Gerichtstr. 12-13
Aufgang 5
Berlin Wedding (S-Bahn Humboldhain)
Costs: 70€ incl. undrilled Faceplate


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