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Friday, September 22, 2017

Synth Videos by Gard Osen with the Moog Sub Phatty, Korg Minilogue, and Roland TR-8 & JU-06

Published on Sep 22, 2017 Gard Osen



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1. Gard Osen - Bjelge (Casiokids cover)
"Over 10 years ago a band called 'Casiokids' from my hometown made an album called 'Fück Midi'. One of the songs of the album was a demo thing from an old Casio keyboard. Of course I had to make an ALL-MIDI controlled cover of that song.

Check out the original:"

2. Gard Osen - Wardenclyffe (Electric Moog Drone)
"Exploration of a particularly gnarly patch on the Sub Phatty. Wardenclyffe because of the tesla coil-y sound. Thought it called for some lynchian visuals. Please feel uncomfortable."

3. Gard Osen - Already There (ARY cover)
"Did a cover of ARY's Already There.
Original is crazy good:

ARY makes good shit, i'm a big fan. Check her out here:
or here:"

4. Gard Osen - Minilogue Triangles
"Totally ripping of this guy here [DreamOfWires]:
Please go visit his channel instead of watching this video.

Running the internal sequencer on the minilogue and playing with some of the parameters. Making use of the different timbral qualities of the oscillators' triangle waves, switching on and of the oscillator sync and ring mod, adding cross mod and doing some fm with the lfo."

5. JU-06 is huge
"Just the juno and some Valhalla VintageVerb. Done in one take, making use of all 4 voices."

6. Gard Osen - Halvard
"I brought two friends over to do a synth jam. Halvard is controlling the JU-06 while being convinced that hardware synths are more fun than soft synths and Didrik is doing the filming.

JU-06 and Sub Phatty are being sequenced from FL studio (which also syncs the TR-8) while I try to play the Minilogue. Did some overdubs of the JU-06 after filming as well, 4 voices aren´t always enough. Mixed in FL, mostly with amazing free plugins from Variety Of Sound ( ) and Vladg ("

7. Gard Osen - Sunset jam
"Did this jam as an effort to make something without the help of a computer. After recording the jam I went up to the roof of my student housing building in Oslo and shot some footage of the sun setting.

JU-06 is running it's internal sequencer, synced to the tr-8 while the phatty is awkwardly sequenced by my own hands. Eq, compression and some reverb added after recording (on a computer :| )."

8. Gard Osen - Softbox Floorjam
"Did a quick jam on the floor! There´s some awkward playing in there but bear with me, i´m still learning.

Running the TR-8 and JU-06 through a tube pre amp, drive on the phatty at full. JU-06 is synced from the TR-8 and running it internal sequencer. Added some eq and reverb after recording, otherwise all mixing is done in my small behringer mixer. This is my first time recording like this so the levels are a bit of."

9. Gard Osen - Minilogue
"All sounds made by the Minilogue!"

10. Gard Osen - Mørd
"Recorded this track in my botanical bedroom. Using all my gear. Still learning how to control everything. Takes practice! Did some mixing after recording and added some chorus to the Minilogue."

11. Gard Osen - Mørch
"Trying out some darker material in this one. The gear is lit with a homemade softbox hanging just over the gear. The camera was not so happy about the amount of light, so the wide shots does not look as good as they could. And the stripes on the TR-8 looks very weird. The Sub Phatty is sequenced from FL studio. TR-8 is synced from FL as well. "

12. Gard Osen - Rusk
"Snowy stuff with Sub Phatty, Minilogue and TR-8."

13. Gard Osen - Enøk
"Learning how I want to use my new hardware gear. Taking it easy today."

14. Gard Osen - Tilde
"While transitioning from software synths to hardware synths I have written some short jams as an exercise to get to know my new hardware gear better. This gave me an excuse to make some nerdy synth porn. Thanks Pål Brügger for letting me use your camera!"

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