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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Synthesis Technology - E352 Cloud Terrarium

Published on Sep 3, 2017 DivKidVideo

"IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING (but here I am saying it!) watch this with good quality headphones or speakers.

The E352 Cloud Terrarium is gorgeous! It’s made me gushy, head over heels, sonically loved it in the short time I’ve had with it. You may have seen the Drones N Stuff video here - - or the Morphing Clouds video here - - but here’s the full demo for the Eurorack module. I’ll let the video do the talking so grab a drink, get your feet up and enjoy. I’m aware it’s long but that’s because it offers lots to dive into and it all needed showing. Feel free to skip through the video. Timing links are below.

00:42 Introduction overview
- History (E350 & E340)
- Mode overview
- Menu
- Settings
- Easter Eggs

05:23 Morph & Wavefold mode
- Wavetable banks
- Serge style wave folding (in stereo!)
- Morphing wavetables with folding - KILLER!
- Audio rate wave folding (oooooooooh yeah!)

10:29 Cloud mode updates
- E340 original settings/options
- New wavetable options for the cloud
- Chaos (band passed noise)
- Chaos bandwidth
- 2, 4 or 8 oscillators

13:19 Cloud & Morph mode
- The KILLER combo!
- Morphing wavetables & Cloud options

15:10 2 Op FM mode
- Modulation & Carrier waves
- 2 operator frequency modulation
- FM over wavetables … that morph!

23:32 Noise mode
- White noise
- Filtered white noise
- Moog style ladder filter with resonance
- Filtered pink noise
- Filtered crackle (lovely!)
- Pinging the resonant filter with crackles

29:27 Morph & Phase mode
- Phase inverting waves
- Mixing outputs
- Creating PWM (style modulation) over ANY wavetable
- Audio rate phase modulation

33:40 Glitch mode & settings
- Loosing that sweet creamy buttery morphing
- Stepping wavetable changes

36:23 LFOs (from ALL modes)
- Frequency ranges for high, medium and low settings
- Over 10Khz to over 12 minute cycles
- LFOs from morphing wavetables
- LFOs from clouds
- LFOs from folded or FM’d waves

39:55 Load/Save & Settings
- Loading
- Saving
- Visuals displays
- Final run through"

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