Saturday, October 21, 2017

STG Corn Maize

Published on Oct 21, 2017 suitandtieguy

"I have been wrestling with some personal issues in regards to loss and isolation, and one of the things which will help me out of this is generating more content, so I'm trying something new.

We used to use Soundcloud for short tracks but since it's obvious they took inspiration from Tyco and spent all their money on solid gold toilet seats they are useless and bankrupt now. I'll start throwing stuff here and echoing it elsewhere and when I get enough tracks put them on Bandcamp in an album. Seems like an appropriate approach for the current year.

I wasn't 'making a track' when I recorded this, I just wanted to test the SD recorder I installed in my live rig. I quickly made marimba and pad loops with the Yamaha Reface DX and the Boss RC-202 it feeds, and a bass line from the Hammond XK-1c and its RC-505 (I love those Boss loopers.) The drums are just whatever was on the "808" TR-8 when I pulled it up on the mixer. Then I wailed a bit over it with the Moog Sub37 on the factory preset 'STG Liberatn Lead 2003.' My master clock is the Roland SBX-1.

After a few minutes I hit stop, pulled the SD card out, and took it over to the studio computer to see how well it recorded. I had intended to just put the card back in the machine and reformat it but there was a good three minutes there and it seemed a shame to throw it in the bin.

The video is from an outing with my sister's children at the local orchard. They have a seasonal corn maze and in my fall fervour it seemed like a good idea to get the camera out. Sorry film nerds, I left the Steadicam at home!

Reverb note: a couple minutes in the reverb (Lexicon PCM-80) on the TR-8 gets way louder. I didn't reach over and adjust that, it was a defective cable. I pulled out the 8 year old moulded TRS cable and put a new Hosa in its place and it's fine now. Was kind of cool here though ..."

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