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Monday, October 09, 2017

Synthfest 2017 Videos by Sonistate

Published on Oct 9, 2017 sonicstate


1. Synthfest 2017: Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synth
First outing for the much anticipated Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular synth. In the flesh it certainly looks tasty, the design of the GUI really makes a lot of sense and has a wonderful ease of use.

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2. Synthfest 2017: Reon Driftboxes Coming To The UK
Small Japanese manufacturer Reon hada range of Driftboxes on show at the Koirg booth, Korg are looking to bring in the units for distribution early next year. With three analogue synth voices, a mixer and a CV sequencer, they have a unique take.

3. Synthfest 2017: iConnectivity PlayAudio12 Disaster Proof Live Production
We have a look at the new iConnectivity PlayAudio12 - the system which had redundant audio and MID switching for live production. One computer fails - no problem.

4. SynthFest 2017: Expert Sleepers General CV
The new Expert Sleepers General CV offers a way to harness the power of a well specified General MIDI chip into your Eurorack modular setup, with 5 dedicated controls, numerous CV, clock and trigger inputs, you can add multiple voices, sequences and other GM sounds.
Synthfest was the first official release of the new Expert Sleepers General CV - a Eurorack module which brings the General MIDI sounds into your Eurorack.

5. Synthfest 2017: Abstrakt Data
New Modules from Eurorack manufacturer Abstrakt Data - AD50 Triple VCA, AD51 Envelope Generator, AD60 4x4 mixer, plus a quick look at a new prototypes of the AD31 Event Boss - pattern manipulator and the AD40 analog VCO with waveshaping.

6. Synthfest 2017: Analogue Solutions SynthBoxes
Synthblocks from Analogue Solutions, Mr Hyde - analogue filter and audio rate LFO, and Strangelove- ring mod with LFO and on board delay. Both feature patchability for integration into modular world. Also on show was Treadstone - a complete analogue synth voice in a pedal size package.

7. Synthfest 2017: iSotonik Studios Max For Live Devices
A selection of Max For Live devices from various developers associated with iSotonik Studios - some interesting applications for integrating MAX For Live with your setup.

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