MATRIXSYNTH: "The Race" with Nina, Mia, and Roland Synthesizers

Monday, October 02, 2017

"The Race" with Nina, Mia, and Roland Synthesizers

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Machiwoomiapoo

"'The Race' with Nina, Mia, Machi, and Sam
This song is a collaboration between my entire family. First I programmed the TR-808 drum pattern. Next I programmed the Juno 106 Bass Line via the Fantom G8 which is plugged into the MSQ-700 via MIDI. On MINI channel 2, I programmed the Juno 60 Arp pattern. Then I recorded the lead parts with the Jupiter 8 in Dual Mode on patch 12. The Jupiter 8 is plugged into the Eventide Space for some extra "Blackhole" feel. Next I had Nina sing into the VT-3. She wrote all the lyrics! I helped her with some of the melody parts. Mia, via the Wampa, played the flute part at the end of the tune. Machi played Ms. Powers. Mia and Nina played the runners. And I played the coach. It was nice to get out into the sun on this beautiful Sunday afternoon at the track. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, share, and leave feedback. I love to hear from you. Nina will be posting this to her YouTube channel as well: awesomenina360
Please go check it out there and subscribe to her channel which has some cute Animal Jam stories and game strategies. :) Take care and have a wonderful week! Sam from machiwoomiapoo."

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