MATRIXSYNTH: XIRID XS2 Advanced Sequencer Revealed - Preliminary Feature Set

Saturday, October 28, 2017

XIRID XS2 Advanced Sequencer Revealed - Preliminary Feature Set

We saw the teaser pics back on September 21.

Here it is in the flesh.

The following are some details in via SOUNDMIT, were the XS2 will make an appearance at next year's upcoming event. Note the following has been Google translated from Italian:

"News October 28, 2017

XS2, here are the preliminary features from Xirid!

Dear friends, thank you for your interest in XIRID and in the XS2 sequencer. Many have written to know more about our project so I have the pleasure of making it clear. My name is Luca Leoni and I am the Sequencer Designer XS2. I'm working with constancy and commitment to developing the sequencer operating system, which is not yet complete.

Some functions are already active and stable, others have yet to be written or optimized.

As I wrote earlier, XIRID presents to the Soundmit to share with you the fruit of our work and listen to your impressions and needs, which we will consider in project development.

We have now built some prototypes: we want to show you the quality of our component and interface choices.
As soon as the operating system functionality is fully defined, we will redesign the hardware interface to fit it and then start production.

We expect the XS2 to be available for purchase in the middle of next year.

We want to market a machine that is mature and stable, with excellent construction quality and handcrafted finishes, of great power and destined to last over time.

We are sure that in the end, both for us and for you, it will be worth the wait for the XS2.

Luca Leoni
XIRID electronic musical instruments

Preliminary features XS2 (subject to change)
-luci a led rgb
high quality pushers and encoders
-display in light and bright colors
-midi in / out thru multiple in din standard format
-porte usb Midi device and host
-In anodized aluminum foil and wood of violin
-Timing ultra precise
-64 tracks up to 256 steps
-length independent tracks (polyrhythmia)
-Swing and Grooves
-Advanced advanced editing
-scale musicals that can be defined by the user
- Keyboard shortcuts that you can define for your favorite operations
-color of user-definable tracks
-name traces that can be defined by the user
-midi parameter modulation
-functions advanced sync
-store registration or real-time
- midi looper function
-multi-advanced routing
-functions midi learn
-functions "humanize" remix and random parametric
-That operation is possible without stopping the sequencer"

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