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Monday, November 20, 2017

Fully Restored Lyricon Wind Synthesizer

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""The Lyricon is the first electronic instrument to combine a synthesizer with a wind instrument that plays with the same feel and sensitivity as an acoustical woodwind. The Lyricon responds instantly to changes in reed and wind action, giving the player extensive control over loudness, pitch, attack, timbre, decay and other expressive elements of phrasing over a full six-octave range. With the Lyricon, a player's own expression is as important as the synthesizer settings in controlling sound output. And using both, the Lyricon player can produce sounds unobtainable on other synthesizers -- from the imitative tones of conventional woodwinds, brasses and strings, to any number of electronic effects." -from the original brochure.

This instrument is a fully restored Computone Lyricon Wind Synthesizer from the inventor Bill Bernardi's personal collection. It is in 100% playing condition. The instrument body is in beautiful condition, with only a few tiny flaws in the plating (see pictures). The console panel shows no wear, with the protective clear plastic on the knob skirts still intact. There is a small tear in the tolex on the top upper edge of the console cover (see pictures.) The handle has been replaced. Included with the instrument is the original owner's manual, power cord, advertising flyer, reed, mouthpiece and mouthpiece cover.

This instrument is of the final generation of Lyricons to be manufactured and contains the most current board revisions. The membrane has been replaced, new capacitors have been installed on the circuit boards. All circuits have been calibrated and the console has been tuned. The cable and console connectors have been replaced with new parts to eliminate possible connector tarnish problems. All upgrade mods have been preformed in accordance to Computone's documentation, using original parts and procedures by Dave O'Brien, who is exclusively authorized by the Bernardi family to service Lyricons. The instrument is very responsive.

About 200 Lyricons were manufactured in the 1970s. They were constructed using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. They have been used in the recordings of many hit songs of the period. The price of a new Lyricon in 1977 was $2,600.00, (which is the equivalent of $12,000.00 in 2017 dollars.) These are rare, unique and beautiful musical instruments. For more information, see: [this link]"

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