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Sunday, November 19, 2017

JVC KB-700 features and demo

Published on Nov 18, 2017 Daniel Arena

"JVC KB700 (also sold as Lowrey Micro Genie V120).

Super weird mid 80's organ:
Solo section (square-wave + discrete VCF)
Poly section (divide-down? but phasey? there's a bunch of mysterious ASICs in there so it could be anything + Paraphonic VCF, subtle stereo spread + ensemble effects)
Analog + discrete drum machine
Bass synth
Bunch of other weird crap.

Sketchy weird beastie of a thing. Does some cool stuff though.

Obvious low-stress (and probably reversible) mods available for drum triggers and some VCF params. Medium-stress mods likely for loads of other stuff.

Some reverb added, no other effects. Apologies for the gross playing, I'm not really a keyboard player."

There was only one other post featuring the KB-700 here.

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