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Thursday, November 23, 2017

sleepless on the 25th

Three spooky drones by osixoonesevenone featuring a eurorack module and Ensoniq ESQm controlled by a Linnstrument.

3D render by Metin Sevin. Note the knobs go from birth to death.

Video below.

"Gear used : 4 x 84 HP and a minicase of Eurorack, Ensoniq ESQ1 m, Linnstrument 128, Eventide Space, a smal Mackie mixer.

The ESQm is controlled by the Linnstrument.

On the eurorack there is a drone and some sound effects, these are vertormixed with an Intellijel Planar, and manipulated with de Horstronic joystick.

Here is a pic an my Instagram off the minicase with the joysticks.

The noise source is from a Hexinverter Mutant Claps and makes the wind sound on track II, like in this video.

The ESQ1m is played with one padsound in 8 voice polyphony . The ESQ1 sounds ussed i made for playing with a Linnstrument. Using pressure and vertical movement these sounds change dramatically.

Tracks I and II start with the ESQ1, track III starts with a growling Eurorack sounds. Reverb = Eventide Space pedal."

Published on Nov 23, 2017 osixoone sevenone

"Eurorack modular and Ensoniq ESQ 1m played with LInnstrument."

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