MATRIXSYNTH: 3 Modules #39: Dual Looping Delay, Clouds, Ripples

Thursday, December 28, 2017

3 Modules #39: Dual Looping Delay, Clouds, Ripples

Published on Dec 28, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"Do you guys like tuba ambient? It's seriously the best. This patch was inspired by the works of tuba ambient man Tom Heasley. Go check out his music!

Really nothing too fancy going on in this patch. This one's just about turning the right knobs at the right time.

Patch notes:

I'm using Ripples to produce sound by turning the resonance up to self-oscillation level, and I have the BP output patched back into the FM input for some richer tuba-like timbres.

The audio is fed into Clouds, where I'm using the Density parameter to control when the sound is passed through. I'm also using Clouds' pitch shifting to control the pitch of the notes - had to practice a little to find just the knob positions I wanted here. Clouds also adds a bunch of reverb, of course, and then passes the audio on to the Dual Looping Delay.

I've set each channel on the DLD to very slightly different delay times (using the "unquantized time control" by holding down ∞Hold while turning the Time knobs). This creates a little stereo movement in the loops when each channel is sent left and right respectively."

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