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Monday, December 11, 2017

::vtol:: driver

::vtol:: driver from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

- arduino
- pure data

"Kinetic sound object. The mechanism is a system consisting of two sound circuits and auxiliary mechanical and electronic elements. The first sound circuit is a speaker emitting square wave. This speaker forces copper balls, served one at a time or several at a time through a dispenser, to bounce up and down on its membrane. Depending on the amplitude and frequency of the sound of the speaker, the balls bounce at one of the same height or at another height. As they are confined in a pipe, they either fall back to the speaker, or jump out of it. If a ball jumps out, it ends up in one of seven collecting vessels and subsequently falls into the pipe. An optical sensor is installed in each of the seven pipes attached to the vessels, detecting the passage of the balls through this pipe. Subsequently, the ball ends up in the collector and may, as and when the balls are used, be returned to the mechanical dispenser through the use of a robotic 'hand'. Depending on the number of times that a ball ends up in a vessel (pipe) and a particular vessel (pipe), the algorithm of the generated sound changes in the second circuit, which executes the generative composition. The frequency of the sound in the primary circuit is also affected by the number of hits.

To all intents and purposes, the object represents a complicated feedback machine, where the feedback doesn't have a direct impact on itself, but uses kinetic and mechanical elements -intermediaries. These intermediaries are nothing other than the generators of random numbers inside a complex and harmonious system. This results in a constant change in the sound and the spectator’s observation of the system's attempts to retain balance and continue its work. To a certain extent, we may assert that the object is performing a routine ritual, infinitely repeating its actions in order to extend its life cycle."

See the vtol label below for more.

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