Monday, December 25, 2017

Winter Shoes

Published on Dec 24, 2017 mmurmoons

"Patch Notes
(expansion of makenoise "two modules patched" telharmonic yule log patch)

By Output:

-Telharmonic gate out to tonic, N out to Ch2 strength of MoDemix, H out to Ch1 of MoDemix, P out to Ch1 strength of MoDemix with duplicated signal going to Ch! of OptoMix

-Modemix Ch1 out to Telharmonic degree in, Ch2 to Morphagene L input

-Wogglebug burst patched to maths Ch1 trig in, rest of outputs reserved for later use modulating morphagene and erbeverb

-Pressure Points row 1 out to 0coast v/octave in

-Rene QCV out to DPO v/oct in on R Osc, G-X out to 0coast slope trig in, CV out reserved for later modulation

-Morphagene L and R out to CVBus L and Right

-Maths Ch1 out to dummy cable, Ch1 Unity out to morphagene SOS in, Channel 4 out to dummy cable, Ch4 Unity out to optomix Ch1 cntrl inout, Sum output to Ch2 input optomix

-DPO L Osc saw out to maths Ch2 in, R Osc square out to maths Ch3 in, DPO follow potentiometer set 90% clockwise

-Optomix Ch1 out to Echophon in, Ch2 out to Erbeverb in

-Echophon out to morphagene R input

-Erbeverb out to rosie return M input

-Rosie out to audio interface, tracking into ableton (dummy cable inserted into return St input)

-CVBus Ch# out to echophon tempo in, L and R to audio interface (4 is active but not affecting anything)

-0coast Random out to LinFM in, Slope out to rene x-cv in (in cycle mode), Contour out to Ch2 Optomix cntrl in, Line Out to audio interface input

-Ableton sending sample of square wave trigger on 1,2,3 and 4 (quater notes) out to cvbus Ch3 input at 160.07bpm"

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