MATRIXSYNTH: 'Cold Joint' - Ngarjuna

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

'Cold Joint' - Ngarjuna

Published on Dec 29, 2017 ngarjuna

Produced by ngarjuna
© 2017 Acid Coast

Patch Notes

Initial “Deaf” Patch
I was setting up a patch or two with no power for a photo shoot and decided to listen to what I had made; so most of the main patches in this track were setup with no monitoring. There were some minor tweaks to a modulation depth or two to make things audible and I tuned a Pittsburgh VCO by ear to match the Cranial Saw. The main sequence (from the Sequencer One) was the sequence loaded into A1. Rene was left at its prior setting knob-wise but it was in full default reset so all semitones and gates on.

Blank pattern with a fully randomized pattern (full disclosure: I moved one note value that was not working out) using the R:OTA filter cart
Some manual wiggling on the cutoff

East Coast One
Pitch to Cranial Saw VCO
SAW + SQR and a bit of SUB out to STG Post Lawsuit Filter
Pittsburgh Oscillator SAW to PLF
PLF enveloped by AJH Minimod Contour Generator
And modulated by PEG to Right side
Into the AJH Minimod VCA enveloped by Minimod CG

West Coast One
Sputnik2 FM’d by Sputnik1 SIN into NLC Timbre
Modulated by Wogglebug WOGGLE CV
Into Optomix1 enveloped by Maths1
Rene QCV to STO striking Optomix2
LIN FM’d by Sputnik1
SHAPE modulated by Wogglebug STEPPED
VAR into Optomix2 enveloped by Maths1

East Coast Two
Sequencer One driving Rubicon
SAW out to Polaris 3-pole LPF
Enveloped by DualADSR1 and modulated by Octocontroller S&H
Out to uVCA1 enveloped by DualADSR2

Formant One
Rene Y Gate to O&C TRIG IN
Octocontroller S&H to O&C CV IN
PITCH out to Pittsburgh Oscillator
SAW out to Limaflo Motomouth Filter
CV from Octocontroller S&H
SNAP gates from Sequencer One
Out to Omsonic RNF Filter enveloped by Maths4
4-pole LPF out to uVCA2 enveloped by PEG OR

Resonator One
Firmware default scale/settings with some RES, MORPH and SPREAD dialed in
Rene CV (unquantized) to ROTATE CV IN
Out to Zvex Instant Lofi Junky

After capturing the above (that was a one take patch) I added the poly (which are Avalons using the R:OTA filter) and the dirty 303 lead (Avalon with the standard filter) and the pads (U-he Diva) and

Drums in Spark"

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