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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline Synthesizer w/ SEM Filter, Original Box & Docs

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via this listing

Saturday, March 09, 2024

This setup is so fun, but has ONE flaw..

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Planning a live dawless improv setup and it was going so good until I remembered this annoying thing the Avalon Bassline does.. or maybe its Circuit Tracks, who's at fault? Who knows maybe it me haha! Either way, i'll take you through the compact dawless setup and show you how I plan to play live with it! Hopefully it all goes well"

00:00 An example of this setup
01:27 The Routing
02:28 Here's The Issue..
04:13 Some Possible Fixes?
07:03 How Transitions will work with this setup
12:16 Adding Vocals
13:19 Now Just Jamming with the setup.
17:52 Final Thoughts, and a revelation.

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Friday, January 12, 2024

Abstrakt Avalon Filter Cartridge Demo: R:OTA, 2044, and SEM filters.

video upload by

"This is a quick demonstration of 3 of the available filter cartridges you can purchase and plug into an Avalon. These work alongside the internal 303 filter via a toggle switch. With this button pushed, it engages the filter cartridge. It expands upon the original TB-303 design and allows more tonal range and effects.

R:OTA = the Roland JP and SH series filters
2044 = The SSM filters from classic synths like the Prophet and Polysix
SEM = Oberheim SEM multimode filter

Ladder filter = based on the Moog filter (not shown) is also available

Lastly in the video, I show the FR button which toggles between a 6db filter at 70Hz and 30Hz."

Sunday, January 07, 2024

Abstrakt Avalon MOD ENV sidechain tips and tricks

video upload by manmade madman

"The MOD ENV on the Avalon can be super useful as a sidechain for 4 on the floor music. In this use, it will duck the audio on the steps that its triggers.
The MOD ENV is a simple Attack/Decay envelope which you can use on the filter or VCA. You need to adjust the Attack/Decay according to the tempo, and you can get syncopated things going on which aren't possible on a standard Roland TB-303.
Near the end of the video, it can also become a "reverse" sound as it sweeps in slower than the normal attack."

Thursday, January 04, 2024

Abstrakt Instruments VS-1 Parts Kit - Detailed Contents & Build Videos

video uploads by Abstrakt Instruments

The playlist above features videos covering the detailed contents of the Full Parts Kit, the Basic Kit, and build videos for Abstrak Instruments VS-1, rackmount OB-X. These were made for those that purchased kits, but I thought they might be of interest to others as well. You can find full details on the VS-1 on Abstrakt Instruments' website:

VS-1 w/ Full Parts Kit - Detailed Contents
VS-1 Basic Kit - Detailed Contents
There are two minor omissions in the video...
1) The mainboard includes the MCU Module pre-installed. It is not installed in the video.
2) The kit also contains two 3M GPT-020F double-sided tape strips for OLED screen mounting.
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 2: - Voice Motherboard Installation
VS-1 Week 178 Update #2
VS-1 PSU Modification
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 3: Install Fan & Power Entry Module to Rear Panel
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 4: Attach Bottom, Rear & Right Side Panel & Install Chassis Ground Wire
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 5: Assemble Power Switch Cable
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 6: PSU Installation
VS-1 DIY Voice Card Modification
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 11: Front Panel Fit & PCB Stack
VS-1 Final Assembly - Step 12: Front Panel & OLED Bezel Install

Friday, December 08, 2023

PLASMO // Timeline 》Abstrakt Avalon Bassline / MFB-522 / Elektron Analog Four MKII

video upload by PLASMO

"trying out the Avalon, with the 522, both self-sequencing, the Analog Four is on sync, delay, reverb and interface duty."

Friday, November 24, 2023

Abstrakt Instruments VS-1 Rackmount OB-X DIY Kits Ship

video upload by Abstrakt Instruments

"VS-1 Week 178 Update #2"

Friday, September 08, 2023

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline - Black w/ Green LEDs

via this auction

"The avalon bassline is a high quality analog bassline synthesizer with integrated sequencer. The core circuitry of the avalon is based on the revered Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer, to which a new layer of analog and digital circuitry has been added to position the avalon as the premier bassline synthesizer.

This unit is in Mint condition in the original box with power cables and the highly sought after SEM filter cartridge."

Monday, July 17, 2023

Bastl Instruments | SynthFest 2023

video upload by SynthFest France

"SynthFest France - Edition 10 - Bastl Instruments

Thank you Adrien Perinot, Alaskam, Algam, Aodyo, Arkhazium, Arturia, Chris Calcutt, Christophe Martin-de Montagu, Baloran, Bastl Instruments, Berhnard Rasinger, BVR instruments, DeLaurentis, Dreadbox, Eowave, Eric Mouquet, Deep Forest, Erica Synths, Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories, Expressive E, Faselunare, Alphalab, FCpro.Audio, Francis Rimbert, Frédéric, Riblen, Frederik Rousseau, Fulgur audio, Heritage Synthesizers, Ina, Ina-GRM, IRCAM, Joachim Garraud, PModular, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Jérôme Bridonneau, Joranalogue, KR Home Studio, Kiviak technologies, Kodamo, Korg, La touche musicale, La Voix du Luthier, Larix Elektro, Laurent Evain, Laurent Juillet, Les Sondiers, Maman Küsters, Matthias Puech, Marc Caro, Marc Sirguy, MOK, Media Overkill, Michael Geyre, Michel Geiss, Modular Square, Moonya, Muse, Ovations, Nairod, NRSynth, Oberheim, Olivier Delevingne, OMMA, SyntheGrall, Olivier Grall, Officina del Malista, oZoé, PH Modular, Christian Foucaud, Projet, Home Studio, PWM, Quentin Feuillard, Sifasile, Serge Perathoner, SynthR, Jean-Luc Briançon, Sequential, SoundMIT, Studio Playtronica, Synth Anatomy, SynthFood, Tim Blake, TouellSkouarn, Thierry Demougin, Thierry Rochebois, Tinhu, T-Steel, Tony Quedeville, SACEM, Vacuum, Eliane Blaise, Emmanuelle de Héricourt, Vanessa Bertran, Vika Yermolyeva, Vintage Synths & Co, UNAC, Willow Whisper, Dalai Lama, Xodes, Yamaha, Yusynth, Yves Usson.

Copyright Association SynthFest France - Tout droits réservés."

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Feature Sheet

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via this auction

"Great TB-303 style bass line synthesizer. Black with Red LED version."

Saturday, May 06, 2023

This just Blew His Mind.. A Surprising Sampler Experiment: Slicing & Reshaping Acid Bass Lines!

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"I use my Octatrack, Digitakt, and Avalon bassline to create some sampled house music from scratch. Midway through the video, I end up blowing my mind with the the resample feature on Octatrack, and setting it to "random locks". The sample I use is from @tracklib and I have a link to it down below! If you're into making house music in a dawless setup with drum machines and synthesizers, you'll dig this! Follow along with me as I share my creative process and techniques for crafting unique and groovy house beats. Let's make some music together!

The sample I used -
15 free track credits and 30 day trail to Tracklib Promo! -"

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Honeysmack Live at Revolver Upstairs March 2023: Improvised Acid Techno Hardware Set

video upload by Honeysmack

"This was an epic live acid techno show at Revolver Upstairs on March 11, 2023. All recorded and improvised live on the dance floor, in the backroom. The audience are an essential part to all my performances — it is you 🫵🏼 who make the energy, so thank you 🙏🏼

It has been almost 25 years since I first played Revolver way back in the late 1990s. There will be a new release taken from this performance, more details soon! No computers or DJs were hurt in this performance.

❤️ Big thanks again to Camilo, Henry and all the staff at Revolver who made this happen.
🎥 Video shot and produced by Richard DeSilva
🙏🏼 Thanks to Rudeboy, Tarek, Mike Callander, Acid Safari, Chiara Kickdrum and Kevin

🎛 Gear used for this jam:
Modular synth
Roland TR-8
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline
Elektron RYTM MkI
Elektron Octatrack MkI
Playdifferently Model1 mixer
Eventide Space and Timefactor pedals

📡 This channel is supported by my Patreon supporters who get a first look, join here: and yes I offer one-on-one tuition/lessons/coaching on how to make and perform live acid techno."

Saturday, April 01, 2023

Trying To Create A Killer Bassline For New Track From Scratch!

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"I'm on a mission to create an awesome new bass line using the Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bass Line synthesizer. In this video, you'll see me start from scratch with nothing but an idea in mind and go through the ups and downs of the creative process, trying out different ideas, recording loops, adding effects, and even vocalizing my ideas out loud to see what works.
Along the way, I hit some roadblocks and even reach a point where I feel like it's just not going to work out, but I don't give up!"

Saturday, December 31, 2022

5 Layers of Acid Basslines Sounds AMAZING // Blackbox meets Avalon Bassline, A Compact Creation

video upload by

"Inspired my the one of my favorite tracks, i wanted to play with the idea of layering multiple acid style basslines and bringing them in and out using the looper function on the 1010 blackbox. I'm realising i do something similar in my live setup. I'll take multiple midi sequences and send them all to the same synthesizer (ex. [Dawless Live Set below]) Anyway, this turned out a lot cooler than i had hoped! Also, running a straight forward analog monophonic subtractive synthesizer through some FX can REALLY help it go a lot further."

00:00 How are you? This is what's up.
00:29 Listen to this..
01:12 The idea I want to create
02:15 This might be "that type" of track 🤦🏽‍♂️ help me!
02:41 Lets jam it out!
03:25 Layer 1
03:59 Layer 2
04:21 Layer 3
06:00 Layer 4
07:58 Blackbox cons and quicks
08:58 Rough arrangement of the song
10:19 Put FX on your mono synths.. it helps
12:19 What I love about the Avalon
14:35 Layer 5
15:18 Rough mixing with filters
15:42 The final sound

Larry Heard Presents Mr. White: The Sun Can't Compare (Long Version)

video upload by Streptoccoccus

My Dawless Live Set is Back! // How it's setup and the troubleshooting I did

"// Today I wanted to explain how I setup my live dawless setup. How i'm using Peak for live transitions with Octatrack. Using Digitakt for program changes and a weird hack I figured out. Plus so much more!"

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Livejam revisited - 303 style

video upload by ollilaboratories

"If you like my music you can find more over here


So when i was messing around with the previous setup for the eleven and nine track... I happened to stumble over an old pattern/track i played at Fono KL many moons ago. This track actually never made itself all the way of becoming a real tune so i decided.. hey why not just remodel it a little bit, add some 303 squares and saw for taste and jam a bit? Said and done!

Gear used:

- Digitakt - kick; low end bass and all of the percussion
- Norand mono, FM style modulated sequence modulated
- Avalon bassline, square lead + for the first time ever in BURG history, sawtooth and resonance. :)
- Analog four adds delay/reverb and only acts as a mixer for the avalon/norand
- KP3+ granular delay, mixed low in the background for that delicate glitch feel

All was recorded onto the Zoom H5 on 2 track and mastered post in my DAW with iZotope 7 limiter and compressor + EQ.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Eleven and Nine - Jam Session

video upload by ollilaboratories

"If you like my music you can find more over here


Hi everyone !

After a very long hiatus I am starting to feel a bit alive and ready for some BURG minimal jam sessions. Starting slowly with this playful and (sort of dubby) minimal tune where the Norand Mono has 11 step pattern and the Avalon Bassline a 9 step pattern. It takes a long time for these two loops to align and play the same thing twice so it helps to create this dynamic movement which i enjoy very much... I am more or less letting the synths play their own stuff and enjoying the ride.

This is all connected together with no mixer, Norand and Avalon into L+R in on the analog four, analog four into L+R on the digitakt. The digitakt has some compression on the stereo bus out and recorded directly into a Zoom H5 stereo track. Limiter has been added in post to even out the peak/levels a bit.

I hope that you will enjoy this one!

Gear Used:
** Elektron Digitakt ( Kick and percussion )
** Elektron Analog Four ( sequences and drones + FX for the Norand and Avalon )
** Avalon Bassline ( square 9 step pattern )
** Norand Mono ( Heavily Modulated 11 step bass pattern )

#norandmono #avalonbassline #digitakt"

Friday, April 29, 2022

Updates on the New OB-X Synths

As you know Oberheim recently posted a new teaser for their upcoming synth. It's obviously a new OB-X. The big question is will it be different from the original?

Swissdoc created an image featuring the highlights from the video. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I created a focus stack from the movie to get the full picture.

Compared to pictures of the OB-X I noticed these differences:
Knobs for Menu at the bottom left of the Programmer buttons 1-8
In the Portamento/Detune section there are three buttons instead of one

The upper row seems to be identical, I see/guess the same number of knobs
Colors and knobs i.e. the industrial design is taken over 1:1"

He also reminded me of Abstract Instruments rackmount OB-X, the VS-1.

The following is an update on the project from their Kistarter campaign posted just a few days ago on April 25.

"We're back up to full speed making very good progress. We've decided to prepare the DIY kits for shipping with the option to ship the mainboard in a second shipment. There is a lot of building to complete for the kits and this will allow everyone to get started while software development is completed. As mentioned in a few prior updates.. parts for full parts kits are packaged per PCB assembly. Each PCB has the relevant parts separated, even if the same part number is used in more than one PCB assembly. This makes it easier for assembly and partial shipments. For the mainboard we're 'still' testing a few aspects including the new interface option for the OLED and vetting a new ROM IC. We still don't want to make this assembly until 100% sure it's perfect. We're not sure when the DIY kits will start shipping but I will update soon with a delivery estimate once we have a reasonable estimate. The full retail versions are built in groups of (10) units. We've had the first few groups staged for along time already and will start to ship once the software is ready.

I received many messages last Friday and over the weekend regarding the Behringer UB-X. Some colleagues and customer friends were snickering at the notion I might be working for Behringer. I will confirm the answer is no. The design of the OB-X is very particular. On one hand it's a textbook implementation of a polyphonic analog synthesizer. If you were designing a polyphonic analog in 1978 the OB-X is basically what you would find in publications of the time. Discrete oscillator, 12dB OTA-based filter, OTA-based VCA's and the new CEM ADSR IC's. On the other hand there are many minor quirks that you do not want to overlook. That said I know the in-house engineers at Behringer are excellent engineers. At the end of the day these synths aren't rocket science and these guys know what they are doing. The fact that they contracted someone to help is interesting. I do not have any insight as to who or why they have contracted someone. In any case it's safe to say I would not agree w/ all of the design trade-offs that will end up in the Behringer model. The VS-1 is second to none in this regards. Since we are a boutique company we can focus intensely one one or two designs and don't need to make any design trade-offs.

On a personal note I had mentioned that the office was closed at the beginning of the year for family reasons. I wanted to let everyone know at the time that there was a reason for the inactivity, but didn't believe it was necessary to go into details. However I received many personal messages and would like to confirm that there is no concern at home or with the VS-1. My wife and I had premature babies...twins. They came dangerously early and it was full time care for a good while. Babies are at home and healthy.


Brian Castro | Abstrakt Instruments"

And finally we have Behringer's UB-X update from the 22nd.

Three OB-X synths are in the works. One with the orginal build from the original maker, one rackmount, and one compact. It's worth noting Sequential typically follows up with a desktop version of their flagship keyboard synths a few months later as well, and if its not obvious, Oberheim is backed by the Sequential team.

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Splitradix - Dessential Haas

video upload by splitradix

"This is a live recording of a lot of my synths playing at the same time. A slightly better sounding version will be available to buy on Bandcamp soon."

Featuring the Abstrakt Instruments Avalon. Rare GenoQs Octopus sequencer to the right of the mixer. Sequentix Cirklon and Elektron Machinedrum featured as well.


Monday, February 21, 2022

x0xi0 bass synth sequencer Brian Castro calibrated x0xb0x modded tb-303 clone

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via this auction

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

ollilaboratories Second jam session in new studio

video upload by ollilaboratories

"If you like my music you can find it here and also please consider supporting me at patreon for as little as 1 USD

Hi Everyone,

Still working on getting myself up to speed in the new space digging into the gear and warming myself up. I made a 127 bpm something track, pretty minimal, upbeat but still pretty relaxed and dreamy. The star in this track is the Avalon Bassline, doing what it does best... square wave goodness is all over the place.

I also have some work to do fixing with the camera setup and different angles, this is a pretty complex challenge that will take some time given the angled ceilings that i have in the new space. While waiting there will be a few of these single and/or maybe dual cam videos for a little while... please have some patience while i get this sorted.

Play this one loud and in the dark for best effect.

Gear used:
- KORG ms-20 mini, bass notes
- Elektron Digitakt, percussion and dub chords
- Elektron Digitone , rhytmic bass sequences
- Roland TR-707, percussion
- Avalon bassline, square bass
- Dreadbox erebus, sequence

FX used:
- Strymon el Capistan, ms-20 mini
- Empress reverb, erebus
- BOSS Space Echo RE-20, erebus
- Elektron analog four, delay and reverb for the Bassline

- Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2, mixer
- Zoom H5"

Patch n Tweak
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