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Sunday, January 14, 2018

CV Flexibility on the Arturia Matrixbrute - Notes from Bakis Siros of Parallel Worlds

The following is via Bakis Sirros of Parallel Worlds. I thought it gave a good idea of how powerful the modulation matrix on the Matrixbrute can be with it's multiple CV ins and outs.

"Just a few things i found out regarding the cv ins and outs of the Matrixbrute, (it may be useful for Matrixbrute owners) :

FYI, regarding the Matrixbrute: the 12 cv inputs on the back of the matrixbrute control the two filters cutoffs, the VCO1 and 2 pitch, VCO1 and 2 ultrasaw, VCO1 and 2 PW, and VCO1 and 2 metalizer, the LFO1 AMOUNT and VCA cv inputs. the 12 CV Outputs though, output the cv sources of the matrixbrute. in detail: if you assign the LFO1 to the VCO2 pitch, then the VCO2 pitch CV OUTPUT outputs the LFO1 voltage in the range of 0 - 10volts. if you assign the LFO1 to the VCO PW, then the VCO PW CV OUTPUT outputs the LFO1 voltage but in the range of +5 to -5volts. quite deep (and weird?) .... so the 12 CV OUTPUTS (in the back of the matrixbrute) output the ADSR1,2,3 cv outputs, the LFO1,2,3, cv outputs, the ENV follower cv output, the Modwheel cv output, the Seq cv output, Aftertouch cv output, Velocity cv output, Seq mod cv output, and the M1, M2, M3, M4 knob cv outputs. now the fantastic stuff: since this is a matrix of 256 buttons, you can assign all the 16 cv sources to control the VCO1 pitch, for example. so, you add 16 cv sources (without needing any cv mixer as you would normally need in the modular) and this result goes to the VCO1 Pitch destination and/or the VCO Pitch cv output on the back of the Matrixbrute... also, you can assign one cv source (for example ENV2) to modulate 16 different destinations in the matrixbrute (and 12 cv inputs in your modular) without needing a multiple at all! insane complexity and flexibility. and let's not forget that in each and every one patchmatrix connection, you have a bipolar attenuator, so you can also invert the 16 cv sources of the matrixbrute. so, in two words, the matrix of 256 buttons gives fantastic capabilities that sometimes you cannot (or its difficult to) achieve even in the modular environment also!

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Note: top image is stock from this post and the bottom from this auction post.

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