Monday, January 08, 2018

Dinsync RE-303

via this auction

"As Dinsync states, 'it's not a clone, it's a replica' (hence the RE in RE-303).

It's a 1:1 reproduction of the original TB-303 pcbs, all the components are the same as the exception of:

- the BA662 OTA, used in the amplifier section of the synth. It has been replaced by a clone that has no notable sound difference, you can however get rid of the clicky enveloppe some 303s has with a trimmer, or leave it like this.

- the microcontroller and firmware that goes with it. It's not possible to directly "copy" the original firmware, so Sonic Potions (also known for the LXR, a DIY digital drummachine) reversed engineered the original uC to make a new one and add some more features like:

- Full MIDI IO
- Live recording over the internal keyboard and MIDI up to 8 bars
- Realtime tweaking of accent, slide and transpose
- Random pattern generator (that can be scaled to minor/major)
- Chaselight
- All functions available while the sequencer is running
- Data storage on a modern FRAM memory

This unit has been built, calibrated and tested in July 2017 and has been waiting in a box for it's customer who finally never bought it, so it only has been used for test actually. I've upgraded the microcontroller with the latest firmware (v0.92a), it can easily be done by using MIDI sysex.

The synth is housed in an aluminium case made by Substyler. It comes with a BOSS PSA230S power supply as recommanded by DinSync, so it's a 220V euro plug. If you need a 110V PSU let me know, I'll take this one off the total price and will link you to a 110V equivalent (PSA120S should work). The power supply is really important and needs to be well regulated."

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