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Sunday, January 28, 2018

DIY digital controlled analog monophonic synthesizer

Published on Jan 28, 2018 merlin07756

"This is a demonstration of my homebrewn monophonic analog synthesizer. It's based on a modded PAiA Fatman tied to an Arduino Mega. The keyboard is salvaged from an old M-Audio Keystation 49, the front panel was designed in Inkscape and printed online.


* monophonic
* 2 Sawtooth VCOs (more to come)
* 1 software based LFO (five waveforms) which controls filter envelope
* Creamy 12db low-pass filter (HP/BP yet to come)
* ADSR and filter envelope
* built in delay and distortion effects
* Arpeggiator and sequencer (latched and transposable of course)
* MIDI control and sync
* modwheel controls pitch based by LFO
* 4x20 LCD for control of the digital parameters

I've got the idea from - check him out :)

The synth is still not finished. I want to add minimum one VCO, a ring modulator, second LFO and some more modules. Also there are some nasty software bugs (especially with the arpeggiator and timing in general) which have to be resolved...

To be continued..."

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