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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

LM-2 Replacement Parts - LinnDrum PCB's & Assemblies From Abstrakt Instruments

Some initial details via the Abstrakt Instruments Kickstarter:

"This is your chance to help fund and procure parts for the iconic LinnDrum (LM-2) Drum Machine. This is the second in our series of meticulously designed replacement parts projects for vintage synths & drum machines. This project follows up the completion of the Oberheim OB-X Parts Project [posted here]. We've established a low funding goal of $4k to cover the cost of the custom parts to get the project off the ground.

Before getting into the details of the actual parts we'll clearly state what is being offered. We are offering bare PCB's and PCB Assemblies for the LinnDrum (LM-2) Drum Machine:

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Published on Dec 20, 2018 fonitronik

"Trying two incarnations of the ADC controlled Sequencer in 4U, the Defibirlator (CV version) and the MorseMan (trigger version).
Not a very creative patch, though."


Note eurorack is 3U. This is 4U. U refers to the height with 1U being your standard slim rackmount synth or effects unit. The modular world has become so saturated I realize I haven't even been differentiating 4U on the site. I actually don't have time to, so essentially whatever goes up in the description for videos goes up on the site. Be sure to include what you want in your descriptions! And if you want active links support the site! Creating every single link in every single post adds up quick, so only supporters get them now. That or my fingers will fall off, and that's not good for playing my synths. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Roland System-100 Eurorack Modules by Pharmasonic

New eurorack modules featuring components of the System-100 Model-101 keyboard and Model-102 expander.


Clone of the System-100 Model-101 & Model-102 VCO.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Selbstbau DIY Modular-Synthesizer & Sequenzer

Published on Dec 16, 2018 stoermer72

1. DIY Modular Analog Synthesizer
Selbstbau Modular-Synthesizer & Sequenzer
2. DIY Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer & Analog 16 Step Sequencer
Selbstgebauter modularer Analog Percussion Synthesizer und Analog 16 Step Sequenzer in Aktion.
Von der Idee bis zur Fertigstellung der Geräte hat es etwa ein Jahr
3. Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer : Sounds for sampling
Some drum sound examples made with my Modular Percussion Synth.

Bass Drums,Toms,Klicks,Klacks,Snares,HiMetals and HiHats

Saturday, December 15, 2018

::vtol:: klicker workshop

::vtol:: klicker workshop from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

more info -

"My ironical response to modular synths growing market. Computer mouse to eurorack self-clicking module conversion project, specially designed to be build on workshops. Real internet of things to modular synth implementation! Probably the cheapest modular to computer interface. Average materials budget is around 12$. Specially created to be build on workshops. Approximately time of conversion ~ 4-5 hours. Any mouse can be used.

You can use it for triggering anything in your computer using internal LFO or cv/trigger input. Activate you samples, surf on the internet, play games, send messages, place bids on ebay!

26-27.09.2017, Ljudmila, Ljubljana (@Rampa lab)"

Saturday, December 08, 2018

DrummingEvil Arduino Drum Machine - Portable Prototype 1

Published on Dec 8, 2018 DrummingEvil

"First prototype for an idea for an portable drum machine with some neat/odd features. I'm going for a gnarly 8-bit vibe, with plenty of excesses ;)"

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


video upload by A Magic Pulsewave


HEAR, IT IS: the production version of MELODY ORACLE, the first in a line of musical instruments from A MAGIC PULSEWAVE ESOTERIC ELECTRONICS. HAND-ASSEMBLED IN THE USA.

$333 + $15 shipping. Order via direct message or email

MELODY ORACLE is a "musical pattern divination system" AKA "spirit organ" with a game board-style interface, and a MELORHYTHMIC pattern generation method not found on any other sequencer.

MELODY ORACLE is rhythmic, logical, and musical, yet is continually surprising and inspiring in its generations. The border of chaos and order. The meeting of known and unknown.

MELODY ORACLE can be used standalone as a COSMIC MUSIC RECEIVER, or interfaced as a melodic or rhythmic source in an existing electronic music setup. Tuning is completely variable.

The box includes a 14 page graphic instruction manual, a power supply, and 30 solid metal MELORHYTHMIC FUNNELS, used to resonate MELODY ORACLE with the MELORHYTHMIC WAVELENGTHS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Two eight-sided dice (included) can be used by any number of players to INVOKE THE ENDLESS SONG OF COSMIC ORDER AND CHAOS.

MELODY ORACLE has 8 multiturn fine tuners, a 1/4" audio line out and an "AMP LINK" port for interfacing with future AMP instruments and third-party synthesizer equipment.

9 units are available now for $333 each, and can be shipped in time for the holiday season. We expect to sell out of those. Preorders (with a $111 deposit) will be accepted after that and will be assembled and shipped within one month of the time of order.

A built-in speaker version (for more $) and kit version (for less $) are also available. Contact for more info.

The next release from AMP ESOTERIC ELECTRONICS will be a breakout box for triggering external/standard synthesizer equipment from MELODY ORACLE. Future harmonic accompaniment, amplification, light, and sound shaping devices are also in the works.



Info, user manual, and instructional videos at"

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

DIY "IKEA Hack" Plate Reverb. Sub $100.

Published on Nov 20, 2018 LeoMakes

Cool new DIY video from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, LeoMakes. Update: part 2 added below.

"Watch Leo make a surprisingly good-sounding and "playable" plate reverb using an IKEA shelf and some basic electronics. It's a quick build that costs less than $100 in parts!

NOTE: This is a super-hacky prototype I made quickly as a proof-of-concept. It sounds nice, but there are several things that I will improve as time goes on, so keep an eye out for that (I'll post updates here).

Here are the parts I used. In case anyone is wondering, I am not endorsed or compensated by IKEA (or anyone else).

IKEA Bror Legs ($16):

IKEA Bror Shelves -- you need two of these ($17 x 2):

A transducer (there are many options; here is what I used):

Two piezo pickups (again, many options; here is what I used):

There is a lot more research I would like to do with the selection of transducer and pickups (and probably a lot of other things). If you build one of these or have made your own plate reverb in the past, please feel free to share your valuable wisdom in the comments!"

DIY "IKEA Hack" Plate Reverb Part 2 (Sounds amazing now!)

Published on Dec 11, 2018 LeoMakes

"Leo makes major improvements the (now famous) IKEA plate reverb in his last video! Total upgrade cost is about $40 and makes the reverb sound 100x better!

Audio Examples at 12:54

Here are the upgrade items and their approximate costs:
- Angle grinder (I rented it for $8/day)
- Cutting and sanding discs for angle grinder ($9)
- Box of springs ($8 and you only use a few of them)
- M4 screws, washersand wingnuts ($5)
- MDF board ($9)

I have made IR (impulse responses) of both the original and upgraded versions of the plate. I'll make a video about that soon and will be sharing the files for free. Please stay tuned for that.

If you build one of these or have made your own plate reverb in the past, please feel free to share your valuable wisdom in the comments!

My synth company (i.e., what I do when I'm not making videos):"

"IKEA Hack" Plate Reverb Part 3 (Free IR files!)

Published on Dec 20, 2018 LeoMakes

"Leo makes and gives away IR (Impulse Response) files of the now-famous IKEA Plate Reverb! And it's 100% free!

Viewers have been asking me about posting IR files since the first episode and I thought it would be a good video subject. So in this video, I explain how convolution works, walk you through the process of making an impulse response file and demo some sounds. It sounds just like the real thing!

You can download the free IR files from the following:

(You can load these .aif files into most convolution reverb plugins to get the IKEA plate sounds in your own music).

If you use these IR files and create some beautiful, brilliant, amazing music (or other art) please come back and share it in the comments below! I get a huge kick out of seeing my work inspiring the art of other people.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2019!

My synth company (i.e., what I do when I'm not making videos):"

Standalone Physical Modelling Synthesizer - Monash Final Year Project 2018

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Valerian McCaskill

"My FYP Video for ECE4096"

New maker to keep an eye out for. :)

The ASV - Complete Synthesiser Voice by Oakley

via Oakley Sound Systems

"The Oakley Analogue Synthesiser Voice, or ASV, is a complete analogue synthesiser in a 5U wide, or four MU width, module for the MOTM and MU formats. It consists of the traditional synthesiser architecture of two oscillators feeding a single filter, via a mixer, and then to an amplifier. Two identical four stage envelope generators (ENV1 & ENV2), and one sine wave low frequency oscillator (LFO) act as modulation sources to control the sound in a dynamically interesting way.

Each voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is based around a classic sounding sawtooth core. VCO2's frequency can be hard synchronised to VCO1 by a front panel switch. Both sawtooth and variable width pulse waves are generated. These are both available from the socket field but only one from each VCO may be selected in the audio mixer that feeds the filter. An additional triangle wave from VCO1 can mixed with the audio signal from the filter prior to the final amplifier.

The AVS also has a sub-oscillator. This produces a triangle wave output that is half the frequency of VCO 1, that is, one octave below the pitch of VCO1. By default this is sent to the third level control on the mixer although this can be overridden by inserting a jack plug into the 'mixer in' socket. The sub-oscillator's output is also available on the socket field.

The pitch of both VCOs may be controlled by a master tune control on the front panel. Two octave switches independently control the base pitch of each of the VCOs. Each switch covers a range of three octaves. The pitch of VCO2 may also be offset from VCO 1 by the VCO 2 Tune control. The range of this control covers just over one octave from unison at the 9 o'clock position to an octave above at around 3 o'clock.
Pitch may also controlled by external control voltages (CVs) and internal sources such as the LFO and ENV1. Front panel pots control the depth of this modulation.

The pulse wave output from each VCO can be manually controlled by the pulse width controls. At their middle settings both pots will produce a 50% pulse wave, ie. a square wave. The pulse width of both VCOs can be dynamically altered with external CVs, or internal sources. Both VCOs use special circuitry to make the their average voltage output equal to zero. This reduces audible thumping when the pulse width is modulated quickly."

Additional info at Oakley Sound Systems.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Pantala Labs - Tambores

Published on Nov 19, 2018 Gibran PantalaLabs

"Is a 3 channel drum machine / sample player with CV to change instruments and CV for tone.
A master gain/distortion is also available.
The project is completely based on Bret Truchan work called Equation Composer.

More Info:"

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Shapeshifter DIY Open Source Drummachine by Faselunare

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Faselunare

"Shapeshifter is an Open Source Drummachine by At his core there is the powerful Teensy 3.6 board.

"SHAPESHIFTER is a mouldable DIY Drum Machine with the powerful Teensy development board at his CORE. The name SHAPESHIFTER was given for its open source nature that is always evolving and changing.

With the basic firmware, the drum feature 4 drum voices with sixteen different samples for each voice, independent pattern length, each drum voice can change pattern between four patterns, low pass filter knob, BPM knob and bitcrusher knob.

As it is an Open Source and Open Hardware project, everyone can edit the code, experimenting with the onboard breadboard and build their own expansion boards.

COMING SOON - SHAPESHIFTER will be sold in kit, with all the components necessary for its assembly (excluding the Teensy 3.6 which must be purchased separately). A support forum will be launched to encourage users to develop new features, new expansions and share them with the community.

Through Hole Technology
32 bit 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with floating point unit
16 steps keys
4 tracks keys
1 function key
1 play/stop key
16 step leds
4 track leds
1 function led
1 play/stop led
3 assignable knobs
1 170 points breadboard
1 slot for custom expansion boards"

Monday, November 12, 2018

nonlinearcircuits bad digital filter simulator proto-type 1

Published on Nov 12, 2018 cirtcele

"Various snippets from testing and honing this circuit over the past few weeks. As the name describes, it is an analogue circuit designed to simulate a digital filter - badly. It is not capacitor based but uses shift registers and feedback to do its thing. More info and the module coming soon."

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Rare Waves DIY MIDI Acid Synth Kit Coming Soon

Published on Nov 8, 2018 EA78751

"Coming soon from Rare Waves, a great DIY acid synth kit with MIDI control + CV ins and outs. Tabletop or Eurorack. We're taking a poll... which color would you take? Blue, black, or yellow?"

Friday, November 02, 2018

guitar-controlled monosynth pedal

Published on Nov 2, 2018 Dean Miller

"This is a pedal that is currently in the works! It's a monosynth that is controlled by a guitar. I still have 50% or more of the available DSP cycles to use on streamlining, filtering, and shaping some nice synth sounds before the pedal is finished.
This video uses a Boss RC-1 looper and the pedal is direct in with no additional processing."

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

RYO "Altered States" Dual SVVCF

Published on Oct 31, 2018 Roll Your Own

1. RYO Altered States - Demonstration #1

"A simple drone built around a sawtooth waveform going into Altered States filter A and serial routed to filter B, output is patched from B State out."

2. RYO "Altered States" Dual SVVCF vc state and cutoff mod

"Using modulation druid lfo to showcase modulation of state and frequency cutoff, also some cutoff fm from filter b lp out to filter a 1v/oct in."

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Polaron DIY drum machine sneak peek

Polaron DIY drum machine sneak peek from a guy called tom on Vimeo.

"A short sneak peek of the polaron diy drum machine. Its a 6 track digital drum machine based on the teensy 3.6 microcontroller. Work in progress

Make it yours:

Update: PCB / Code is relocated to:"

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Physical 3D Audio Wavetable & The Sound of the Moon

Physical 3D Audio Wavetable from a guy called tom on Vimeo.

"An experiment of scanning a 3D printed physical wavetable for wavetable synthesis. A line-laser is used to scan the waveform via the camera on an iphone. Sound synthesis is written in openframeworks using the tonic audio library."

The sound of the moon from a guy called tom on Vimeo.

This is how the moon sounds - an experiment of using a camera image for wavetable audio synthesis. The image is interpreted as a heightmap and used to synthesize a waveform using openframeworks / tonic audio.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

ST Modular - Filtering Werner

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Stefan Tretau

"Werner is a modification of Olivier Gillet´s Ripples filter. Actually its a Franz´d Ripples if you like, as it got a mixer and an internal LFO. Just like his big brother. It is not as buttery as Franz, but still one of the best filter around.

It has all the functionality of the original Ripples module, but also provides a transistor based 3-channel mixer and an LFO with Triangle, Square and inverted Triangle outs, that are normalled to CUTOFF and Q. This connection is interrupted as soon as external CV is plugged into the corresponding CV inputs.

There is also an LFO RESET input in order to restart the LFO cycle. This way you can synchronize the CUTOFF movements to a rhythmical pattern.

Resources for Ripples:


● Analog Filter
● 3 Filter Outputs: Low Pass 2-Pole, Low-Pass 4-Pole, Band Pass 2-Pole
● VCA for Low-Pass 4-Pole
● Internal LFO with three Waveforms: Triangle, Inverted Triangle & Square
● LFO Reset
● LED indicating LFO rate
● LFO normalled to Filter Circuit
● Apply three LFO waveforms at the same time
● Attenuator for each LFO Wave or external CV
● 3-Channel Transistor based Mixer
● Volume control for each Mixer Channel
● Wrong Polarity Protection
● 3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide
● Power consumption: 55 mA at +12 V and 55 mA at -12 V

The module consists of three boards:
● Front PCB Panel
● Control PCB for LEDs, potentiometers and jacks
● Little PCB with all electronic components for LFO and Mixer

55 mA +12V
55 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
35 mm deep
Module is available as a DIY project only."

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Published on Oct 23, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2018

Today I wanted to make sure to update you what's been happening around the studio and my SH2-VCF prototype module. Been busy organizing a big garage sale, re-organizing the studio, hanging synth shelves, trying to source a 4-foot wood table, and working for about 2 months on my SH-2 filter prototype.

This SH-2 filter came about as I had a few BA6110 chips laying around and wanted to do something with them. First I built the filter on a breadboard and it wasn't working. Turns out 1/2 my new old stock chips were not doing their job for some reason. No biggie, I designed/ordered some pcb/panels and some more BA6110 chips from ebay.

As luck would have it these chips would be the bane of my existence. I ordered some more BA6110 from activeparts and none of those worked. I also adapted my board to accept the different pinouts for some BA662 Open Labs clones...those caught fire. On the forums these clones are highly admired and used in X0XB0X apparently. It's all good, I just wasn't able to get them to work in this circuit.

So until I get this BA6110/662 issue figured out I won't be able to build any more modules to sell. Time to move on to some other projects and, forbid, make any music :)

Be warned - some harsh resonance acid house squealing ahead!

Oscillators - Pittsburgh Synth Box + Rozendall CEM3340 VCO
Envelope Contours - 2xADSR dual envelope
Sequencing - Arturia Beatstep Pro Pitch CV + gate"

Patch n Tweak
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