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Friday, June 30, 2023

Pharmasonic Model 101

Reasons to love your Pharmasonic 101 video upload by Tokyo-Noise

1. Fully reproduce the sounds of Roland System 100 Model 101.

2. There’s something about white synths.

3. PWM, noise, glide.

4. Timbrality. OMG those filters and VCO.

5. Sub oscillator 0, -1, -2 octaves.

6. HPF.

7. DIY.

8. Price: with the hype of new synths every month/week, prices for this serie have dropped down. I’m thinking if I should also get the 102 (ring modulator and S&H instead of noise and portamento).

Regarding timbre, my favorite mono synths are: Roland SH series and Arps, followed by Dreadbox, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim SEM, miniKORG 700 and Moogs. Korg MS 20 is a little bit “nasal” for my taste but the architecture is awesome.

via this auction

"The Pharmasonic 101 really exists and it sounds great. It's a faithful reproduction of Roland System 100 Model 101.

I bought it fully assembled from Pharmasonic this year (2023) and it's only been tested and used for a couple of recordings. Since Pharmasonic seems to be making it again along with the 102 for the Japanese market, I'm selling this hoping I can get another one soon.

8 eurorack modules that are the equivalent of the Roland System 100 Model 101, plus a super useful Inverter / Multiple, all in 64 HP. The modules are:
- Mixer
- Noise
- Glide / Portamento
- Inverter / Multiple"

Monday, February 22, 2021

Uglysound Build Challenge: Can Paul build six modules in less than five hours?

video by Uglysound

"In this episode Matt challenges Paul to build six modules in under five hours!

Paul chose to build six synthCube kits, all Pharmasonic System 700 clones in eurorack format.

Find those kits (and many other great projects) here:"

Friday, December 11, 2020

Pharmasonic 723 quad Analog Switch Part 2

O.Z. Hall

"In part 2 of the Pharmasonic 723 quad Analog Switch review we look at two other applications of this module. First, using the output of a quadrature oscillator (4 outputs 90 decrees out of phase from each other). Second, running the the control inputs at audio frequencies."

Part 1 here

Monday, December 07, 2020

Pharmasonic 723 quad Analog Switch in DOTCOM format

O.Z. Hall

"This is another module from the SYS-700 line, based on the Roland System 700 modular synth system.
This unit has the MU/Dotcom 5U panel. Eurorack versions are also available. is carrying the SYS-700 Eurorack line.

Correction: I misspoke in the video, does NOT carry any of these items."

Pharmasonic 710 Multiple Jacks in DOTCOM format

O.Z. Hall

"This is a short review of the 710 Multiple Jack (1/4") from Pharmasonic.
The SYS-700 Multiple 710 is a clone of the Roland System-700's 710A & 710B.
The panel is made of 2mm PCB material with shiny black finish.

Synthcube carries the Pharmasonic SYS-700 line in Eurorack format!"

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pharmasonic 703F VCF - Roland System 700 704F 24dB low pass VCF


"Less noisy than most of our demos and build soundtracks, but we wanted to show the character and sound of this filter for those of you who may be into industrial and other sequenced electronic music.

This is a clone of the Roland System 700 704F 24dB low pass VCF.

Available in kit form from synthCube here:

Build thread for DIY versions of Pharmasonic System 700 clones is here:"

Friday, November 06, 2020

Uglysound Build Report: Pharmasonic 723 Analog Switch & Zlob Triple Cap Chaos


Zlob Triple Cap Chaos further below.

"Our first attempt at a build video, featuring the Pharmasonic 723 Analog Switch module. All sounds in the video are patches featuring the 723. Watch for an in-depth look at the module in a future video. Warning: Noise starts at 3:08"

"This is a clone of the Roland System 700 723 Analog Switch module, and is available assemble from Pharmasonic.

It is available in kit form here:

Build thread for DIY versions of Pharmasonic System 700 clones is here."

Uglysound Build Report: Zlob Triple Cap Chaos

"It's Matt's turn at the build desk and editing chair for installment number two of Uglysound Build Report. Soundtrack by Luer, using the Triple Cap Chaos module extensively."

via zlob modular:

"The Triple Cap Chaos(C^3 Chaos) is a 2hp analog, chaos based, noise oscillator, pseudo ring modulator/harmonics generator, and audio mangler Eurorack module available as a DIY Eurorack kit, PCB and Panel, or built.

It is a unique module, like the Diode Chaos, because it has never existed as a musical instrument until now. There is also no other module to my knowledge that can do exactly what the Triple Cap can do. The circuit(with several modifications) is based on the paper “Simple Autonomous Chaotic Circuits” by J.C. Sprott and Jessica R. Piper. As opposed to the Diode Chaos that generates control voltage this module focuses on the audio rate.

The “Emanate” potentiometer controls the coarser overall spectrum of the chaos, from lots of activity counter clock wise up to less chaos and more of a steady oscillation. The “Width, CV ATT” potentiometer can be thought of as more of a fine control for the chaos/oscillator. When something is inserted into the “CV” in the voltage normalization from the width knob is broken and the potentiometer now acts as an attenuator for the incoming cv. The Triple Cap is not a traditional volt per octave exponential VCO, and has a sort of narrow frequency range to exploit the chaotic behavior.

It expects a +5v to -5v max signal in to modulate the chaos. The “IN” jack is an A.C. coupled input for audio in, although cv and audio can work for both the “CV” in jack and “IN.” The “IN” will interfere and interact with the onboard chaotic oscillator depending on the frequency of the input, which may take some experimentation. It can create ring mod ish sounds, to added harmonics, to almost bit crushed sounds depending on the “X” or “Y” output. The “X” output is a more windy noisy sinusoidal based output and the “Y” output is more squared off and aggressive, harsher sounding output.

Some quirks about the Triple Cap: The “X” output can offset negatively or positively a little bit depending on the pot settings, but both outputs tend to stay around 10vpp. With the “Emanate” and “Width” pots all the way up the typical frequency will be around 150hz although some will reach 200hz at this setting. With the “Emanate” pot full counter clock wise “Width” pot full clock wise the frequency will be around 250hz. It is possible to send signals into the triple cap that can bring it out of the desired range causing the oscillation to cut out.

The Triple Cap has a double sided panel. meaning one side has the classic graphics and the other is Soulless with less graphics(see image gallery to the left).

Width: 2hp
Panel Material: PCB/Double Sided
Reverse Power Protected
Current Consumption: +12v: 15mA, -12v: 10mA
Depth: 37 mm or 1.46″
Ships with M3 black nylon screws
Expandable: no"

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Roland System-100 Eurorack Modules by Pharmasonic

New eurorack modules featuring components of the System-100 Model-101 keyboard and Model-102 expander.


Clone of the System-100 Model-101 & Model-102 VCO.


Patch n Tweak
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