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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

headmelter oscillator generator from mindburner

Published on Jan 2, 2019 Mindburner

"oscillator sound engine, for experimental sounds and music"

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sewn -- A Solar-Powered Analog Modular Synthesizer

Published on Dec 17, 2018 ellis tronics

"Etsy Listing:::

Sewn is a Solar-Powered Analog Modular Synthesizer. Consisting of 3 Internal Synth Modules, this Musical Instrument specializes in exploring audio chaos hidden within the infinite Analog Spectrum.

The 3 Internal Modules are to be interconnected via patch wires in various and experimental ways. These connections create new circuit pathways that often result in wildly unexpected sounds and textures.

The 3 Internal Modules are: (2) Independent Primitive "Push/Pull" Oscillators and (1) Mixer/Amp with 5 Unique Gain Stage Inputs to shape incoming Signals.

The Oscillator Modules Pitch Range is set by Selecting and Plugging in Different Sized Capacitors into the "Capacitor-Slots". The Larger the Chosen Capacitor is, the Lower the resulting Pitch/Frequency will be. Each Oscillator contains 2 Slots for Inserting the provided Capacitors, by Mixing and Matching different Capacitor types and sizes, many variations of Waveform Symmetry and Resulting Tonalities are Possible. Playing the Sewn Synthesizer is all about Experimentation!

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler for East European Balkan Regions

Another interesting item spotted by swissdoc.

via Juzisound:

"Small and powerful sampler device specialized for playing ethno solo sounds. This device is specially created to use in East European Balkan regions. Also is very useful for musicians from Turkey, Greece, Arab or Middle East regions. If you play that kind of music, this device is best for you!"

Unlimited Sample Memory

Yes - Really unlimited sample memory! This device is created with new technology and new conception! Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler don`t use RAM memory for loading samples. All samples are played in True Real Time DIRECTLY from an SD Card! This new technology allows using extremely massive sample libraries. The size of the sample is limited only by the size of the SD Card in use. For the time being, the sampler accept SD cards with capacity up to 64GB, but there will be no problem in future to add support for newest and biggest SD cards.

Portamento / Oscillator Modes

In this device Juzisound implements many types of specialized Oscillator Modes, specially created for use in Ethno solo music. Many types of Portamento with full set of parameters are supported, including very popular Yamaha DX, Casio CZ, KORG and original and very useful JS and JS2 portamento. This JS and JS2 portamento have special technology for smooth sample to sample transition, and this kind of portamento is not available in any other hardware keyboards. Additionally to portamento modes, the sampler has many special oscillator engines (combination between specially prepared samples and additional software processing), specialized for playing Saxophones, Clarinets, Solo String instruments, Bouzoukis and many more.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


video upload by A Magic Pulsewave


HEAR, IT IS: the production version of MELODY ORACLE, the first in a line of musical instruments from A MAGIC PULSEWAVE ESOTERIC ELECTRONICS. HAND-ASSEMBLED IN THE USA.

$333 + $15 shipping. Order via direct message or email

MELODY ORACLE is a "musical pattern divination system" AKA "spirit organ" with a game board-style interface, and a MELORHYTHMIC pattern generation method not found on any other sequencer.

MELODY ORACLE is rhythmic, logical, and musical, yet is continually surprising and inspiring in its generations. The border of chaos and order. The meeting of known and unknown.

MELODY ORACLE can be used standalone as a COSMIC MUSIC RECEIVER, or interfaced as a melodic or rhythmic source in an existing electronic music setup. Tuning is completely variable.

The box includes a 14 page graphic instruction manual, a power supply, and 30 solid metal MELORHYTHMIC FUNNELS, used to resonate MELODY ORACLE with the MELORHYTHMIC WAVELENGTHS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Two eight-sided dice (included) can be used by any number of players to INVOKE THE ENDLESS SONG OF COSMIC ORDER AND CHAOS.

MELODY ORACLE has 8 multiturn fine tuners, a 1/4" audio line out and an "AMP LINK" port for interfacing with future AMP instruments and third-party synthesizer equipment.

9 units are available now for $333 each, and can be shipped in time for the holiday season. We expect to sell out of those. Preorders (with a $111 deposit) will be accepted after that and will be assembled and shipped within one month of the time of order.

A built-in speaker version (for more $) and kit version (for less $) are also available. Contact for more info.

The next release from AMP ESOTERIC ELECTRONICS will be a breakout box for triggering external/standard synthesizer equipment from MELODY ORACLE. Future harmonic accompaniment, amplification, light, and sound shaping devices are also in the works.



Info, user manual, and instructional videos at"

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Bryan Day Rotowhiskers [Episode 90]

Published on Nov 4, 2018 CatSynth TV

"A demo of the Rotowhisker, a new creation by musical-instrument inventor Bryan Day. This is Day's first instrument that is available for purchase.

You can find out more about Bryan Day and his instruments at If you are interested in finding out about purchasing a Rotowhisker, please use the Contact button.

"Bryan Day is a improviser, instrument inventor, illustrator and installation artist based in Richmond, CA. His work involves combining elements of the natural and man-made world using field recordings, custom audio generation software and homemade instruments. Day’s work explores the parallels between the patterns and systems in nature to those in contemporary society."

For more experimental music and instruments, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

Friday, October 26, 2018

The MJ-12 handmade synth.

Published on Oct 25, 2018 Rarebeasts

"Soundart instrumental by Brian McNamara"

Like a little white UFO robot.

"The MJ-12 is a 3d printed synth designed and handmade by me.

Apart from looking adorable this synth is super simple to play and has a huge range of sounds.
All is required to get started is a USB power supply(PC or phone battery packs are perfect) and something to to hear the sounds, this can be as simple as a set of headphones or an amplifier. A speaker with an aux input is perfect.

The MJ-12 has three controls, The first varies the frequency of the output, the second modulates the output and the third shifts the frequency the 2nd 3rd and the 4th waveform to be slightly off tone.

Output: 3.5mm socket (Use with earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier)
Power: USB (Plug into a computer, phone charger or wall socket). No internal battery.
Case: 3D printed ABS"

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Mute 4.0 Synth w/ Digital Wavetables Coming December 7 From Dirty Electronics

£89.00 via mute

"Release Date: 7th December 2018

The new Mute / Dirty Electronics MUTE 4.0 SYNTH is a synth with inputs, a digital wavetable synthesiser, an analogue noise circuit, and programmable sequencer. These features can all be combined in an environment to experiment with sound. Being hand-held, battery-powered and with headphone and line out, the synth is ideal for music making on the move as well as in the studio. At a turn of a knob and press of a button, sequences, control voltages, and cut-up loops can be programmed; or listen to the Voltage Collection by Dirty Electronics.

The MUTE 4.0 POCKET SYNTH is the on-going research by Dirty Electronics into making music with wires and code, objects and materials; and an artwork printed circuit board collaboration with Adrian Shaughnessy and Regular Practice. Printed circuit board meets album cover.

It doesn’t stop there. Expand the Pocket Synth with a limited edition chip by Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright with mangled waveforms and accompanying fold-out booklet on microcomputer music.

Rolzer - Beat Generator Add-On for the Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter

Published on Jul 23, 2018 hajimmie

Rolzer patching [plumbutter jam #19]
"rolls of rolzer patches into an ultrasound, gong, and pitch input of an Avdog. so you’re hearing three voices. showing how things suddenly gets chaotic and unpredictable manner, beyond comprehensive planning of control.

to be predictable needs some unique approach to learn - patch memo often doesn't reproduce the same result... well, that's actually the point of this thing partly, tho.."

Plumbrolzer session! [plumbutter jam #20]
plumbrolzer video is still relatively rare on tube so here’s a session on one night. Well, it’s not TRULY Plumbrolzer which I can’t afford yet but it is essentially the same ;)

via Ciat-Lonbarde

"Rolzer is a beat generator add-on for the Plumbutter, a drum and drama machine. The Plumbutter offers complete voltage control of all parameters, including its pulse-rolls, for generating beat tempo patterns. However, when voltage control is added to an androgynous circuit such as the rolz, it has the tends to roll-off the ultrasound chaos present in the original incarnation of this idea, the rolz-5. So here we have the Rolzer, a collection of geometries graded into tempi by virtue of their capacitors. It is for developing a relationship and searching for the oddest, most alive rhythms, not by twiddling knobs but by making connections.

According to the concepts outlined in the Rollz-5 papers, combinations of even and odd geometries, such as a square and a triangle, generate sophisticated beat patterns including chaos at ultrasound frequencies. An even roll maintains a steady pattern, and an odd roll tries to resolve its inherent paradox; connecting them blends these attributes over time and with "grain". The original paper circuits presented each solder-worker to construct her own idiosyncratic assemblage of geometries, with assortments of capacitors based on what was on at hand, or strict dogmata, or pure whimsey. When the concept evolved into a Laboratory Rollz, the Plumbutter discarded any idiosyncrasies for the sake of pure control and dialing in aesthetic by knob. However, the Tocante line offers a way to think about the materials of electronics- capacitors- that allows a revision of the original Rolz concept..."

Click through above for more.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

nakedboards MIDI Controllers & Audio Effects

Someone asked what the slider box in junklight's recent video was. I checked with junklight and he said it was a naked boards mc-8. I realized I've never featured them on the site before, so here it goes! The currently have the following four products.

MC-8 is an easy to use MIDI controller. It is pretty much the quickest and the easiest way to produce and perform electronic music.
You just plug it in via USB and the faders immediately spring into life, giving you hands-on control of your grid, instruments, effects and mixer. You can assign these controls to whatever you like in music software.

Corresponding Software: Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Apple GarageBand, Steinberg Cubase, Max/MSP, NI Reaktor, Cakewalk SONAR, Avid Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer and other software that can be controlled by control change messages.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10, Linux 2.5 kernel or later

Dimensions 237x111x32 mm
Weight 620 g

99$ (+15$ worldwide shipping)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mroztronium Pipsqueak Touch-Controlled Noise Synthesizer

Published on Sep 28, 2018 hajimmie


1. Mroztronium Pipsqueak and Bugbrand COFilter
Pipsqueak out to COFilter, the output is also used to modulate COFilter. since the mixer is passive voltage is dropped and maybe a bit weak for the modulation.
2. Mroztronium Pipsqueak (take #2)
Pipsqueak with zoom MS70CDR
3. Noise meditation - Plumbutter with Pipsquak [plumbutter jam #20]
Ciat-lonbarde Plumbutter gets external modulation by Mroztronium Pipsqueak

via Mroztronium

"A new portable touch-controlled noisy synthesizer from Mroztronium. Spiritually inspired by the Cracklebox, Bugbrand Weevil and other touch-controlled instruments, but using a unique circuit developed by Mroztronium that is designed for unpredictable results, wide frequency range (from sub-audio to above human hearing), sensitive touch control and stereo operation.

It is a touch-sensitive electronic instrument that directly interfaces with your fingers and takes advantage of the many quirks of the CD4046 Phase Locked Loop. Pipsqueak uses a pair of these chips cross-connected and set up in such a way that they are generally silent unless provoked via the touch pads. The touch pads enable a very convoluted cross-modulation scheme that make the two outputs related in a stereo way. You can also think of it as a standalone "noise machine" if you wish.

It features a pair of 1/4" outputs that emit rectangle waves, complex pulse trains, triggers or complex noisy waveforms in the region of 0-9V depending on how it is touched. In addition to listening to the raw stereo output, you can also use it as a complex controller to gate/trigger and frequency modulate external CV/Gate equipment. It is an interesting way to spice up a modular synth patch or to turn an otherwise predictable synthesizer into a freakish improvisational instrument.

Pipsqueak is available for $100 including shipping in the US. By default, these ship with 1/4" output jacks, but 3.5mm "minijack" versions are available upon request.

It is also intended as an instrument that we can build together in a workshop and is suitable for both beginners and more advanced builders. If you are interested in hosting a small group workshop in your town, please get in touch."

Friday, September 28, 2018

Shelly's Granular Convolver

Published on Sep 28, 2018 Red Bull Music Academy

"RBMA participants share their thoughts and ideas about the Granular Convolver, an instrument specially designed for the 20th anniversary edition of the Red Bull Music Academy."


Shelly's Granular Convolver Unboxing | Red Bull Music Academy
Shelly Granular Convolver Jam | Red Bull Music Academy
OG Lullabies demonstrates the Granular Convolver | Red Bull Music Academy
similarobjects demonstrates the Granular Convolver | Red Bull Music Academy
Akkor demonstrates the Granular Convolver | Red Bull Music Academy

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.
Published on Sep 18, 2018 CRUEL & UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS

via this auction

"6 Oscillators chop, mangle, and blend oscillating voltages sent to another voltage controlled oscillator. Switchable outputs from pre VCO to VCO input out. 3 Leds show the state and speed of the gates that chop, blend and send the input to the VCO. The VCO has an input and range control for twisting and modifying the output and input of the VCO! confused? just watch the video!!!! ENJOY"

Monday, September 17, 2018


Published on Sep 17, 2018 CRUEL & UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS

"CRUEL AND UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS PRESENT: 6 track, 6 oscillator, 8 step sequencer with volume, pitch, and range controls PER TRACK! making this machine super fun to generate and evolve analog looping sequences. With 9v clock output and input it can be linked up to modular clocks and or oscillators!"

Hadron Collider dual oscillator noise device

Published on Sep 17, 2018 electro lobotomy

"For more info please visit my etsy shop:"

"*This is a pre order item, expected to ship within 2 weeks of purchase.

Hadron Collider - XOR feedback noise device. Textural sound generator.
*Hand built by Electro Lobotomy

* Oscillator ( top left knob )
* Oscillator ( bottom left knob )
* Power starve ( top right knob )
* Choke ( bottom right knob )
* 3 way variation switch
* 3 way osc feedback switch
* 3 way output switch, switches between 2 different output states and mute.
* 1/4" audio out jack
* DC power jack ( 9v center = - // sleeve = + )"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lorre-Mill Keyed Mosstone Touch Synthesizer

Published on Sep 12, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Keyed Mosstone from Lorre-Mill has multiple touch plates, including three round plates that can be used in different combinations to play eight different notes, and these notes are tunable. The sound is generated by a triangle wave oscillator and noise source that run through a wave-shaper. The Keyed Mosstone is run through the Ekdahl Moisturizer for a little bit of spring reverb.

Available here:"

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

"With its Moss Oscillator, multifunction envelope, random voltages, and playfully inviting banana patch points and touchplate keyboard, the Keyed Mosstone is all about exploring new sound through physical interaction and game-like play. Keyed Mosstone is an inspiring and quirky standalone synthesizer from Lorre Mill.

The Keyed Mosstone's primary sound source is the Moss Oscillator: a triangle oscillator with variable noise amount, then fed into a dedicated Lockhart wavefolder. A two-stage envelope generator can either be looped or triggered via the keyboard, allowing for multiple styles of interactive play. The keyboard itself has a deceptively simple design for the power it contains: it acts not only as a tunable pitch controller, but also allows touch access to random voltage routing and envelope loop state, acting like a momentary tactile patch matrix.

And of course, the Keyed Mosstone is fully patchable, with linear and exponential FM and CV inputs for most parameters. Just add some banana cables and get patching!

Tuesday, September 04, 2018


Published on Sep 4, 2018 cuckoomusic

Some new makers in the set.


1. Kasseta Bastl Kastle @Synthposium 2018 Moscow
Developer Nondestructive Design is starting out with their first product. A VHS synth based on Bastl Kastle. Showing it for the first time at Synthposium 2018.
2. Motovilo New Modules zADSR zLFO @Synthposium 2018 Moscow
Motovilo Audio Lab is showing their new envelope and LFO modules @Synthposium 2018 Moscow.
3. Playtronica @Synthposium 2018 Moscow
Playtronica showing their Touch Me and Playtron instruments @Synthposium 2018 Moscow.
4. Polivoks-M @Synthposium 2018 Moscow
Elta Music showing their Polivoks-M synth @Synthposium 2018 Moscow.
5. Uoki-Toki Intense Modular Performance @Synthposium 2018 Moscow
I met Uoki-Toki and heard him perform one of his absolutely stunning tracks at Synthposium 2018. I just had to share this with the world! This was intense!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Møffenzeef Mødular MSG II DEMØ

Published on Aug 31, 2018 Møffenzeef Mødular

"Available for purchase 9/17/18 9am PST. Limited edition run of 50, handmade in Portland, OR"

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ellitone Multi-Synth :: 25 Patches

Published on Aug 16, 2018 ellis tronics

via Etsy

"The Ellitone Multi-Synth is a budget-friendly synthesizer that can produce a wide variety of sounds thanks to its 7 selectable synthesis/operation modes.
Each of these 7 synthesis/operation modes utilize the instruments 4 knobs, 4 keys, and center patch bay in different ways.

One of the most important things to know about the Ellitone Multi-Synth is that it requires 0% knowledge of synthesizers or synthesis concepts to instantly pick up, patch, and play.
All that is required to master the operation of this electronic musical instrument is a experimentation.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Experimental Electronic Instruments by Raul Alvarez

Currently on Kickstarter where you'll find additional details and some videos.

"The goal is to develop a catalog of experimental instruments in order to evolve the electronic music production scene. The project will deliver new ways to interact between digital, analog and the physical environment."

The campaign starts with four proposed devices: an analog mono synth, analog drum synth including eurorack modules, and envelop module, and a analog controller that is already developed. There are a few other prototype pics further below.

Some details on each starting with the Thundervolt MK1 analog mono synth:

"The second prototype, a monotone lead synth, is called 'Thundervolt MKI'. It features two oscillators, an Attack-Decay-Release envelope, a special one pole filter and several stages of distortion. The synthesizer is able to create sounds ranging from industrial and percussive sounds to harmonic bells, interplanetary pads and distorted basses - and numerous further electronic moods."

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rarebeasts T7 Autophage

Published on Jul 23, 2018 Rarebeasts

"Sounds based on the life cycle of the T7 bacteriophage."

Follow-up to the T2 Autophage

via Etsy

"The T7 Autophage is an experimental instrument that makes sounds based on the life cycle of a bacteriophage which is a virus that infects bacteria.

Catch the T7 in action here on Youtube

In the T7 different stages in the life cycle are represented by different sounds, for example a high pitched sound represents attachment of the virus to the bacteria and a short noise burst represents the lysis process.

The timing of the life is approx one minute = one second

This synth requires USB power from a portable phone charger, wall socket or a computer.
The sound output is via a 3.5mm audio socket.

Output: 3.5mm socket (Use with earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier)
Power: USB (Plug into a computer, phone charger or wall socket). No internal battery.
Case: 3D printed ABS"


Patch n Tweak
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