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Monday, December 17, 2018

Sewn -- A Solar-Powered Analog Modular Synthesizer

Published on Dec 17, 2018 ellis tronics

"Etsy Listing:::

Sewn is a Solar-Powered Analog Modular Synthesizer. Consisting of 3 Internal Synth Modules, this Musical Instrument specializes in exploring audio chaos hidden within the infinite Analog Spectrum.

The 3 Internal Modules are to be interconnected via patch wires in various and experimental ways. These connections create new circuit pathways that often result in wildly unexpected sounds and textures.

The 3 Internal Modules are: (2) Independent Primitive "Push/Pull" Oscillators and (1) Mixer/Amp with 5 Unique Gain Stage Inputs to shape incoming Signals.

The Oscillator Modules Pitch Range is set by Selecting and Plugging in Different Sized Capacitors into the "Capacitor-Slots". The Larger the Chosen Capacitor is, the Lower the resulting Pitch/Frequency will be. Each Oscillator contains 2 Slots for Inserting the provided Capacitors, by Mixing and Matching different Capacitor types and sizes, many variations of Waveform Symmetry and Resulting Tonalities are Possible. Playing the Sewn Synthesizer is all about Experimentation!

*** On the far end of the instrument is a Foam Pad. This pad is for the easy Storage of all the Extra Capacitors ***

Once the Capacitors have been Plugged in, the Next step would be to connect one of the Oscillators (4) Outputs into one of the 5 Possible Gain-Inputs on the Mixer/Amp Module.

Each of the Oscillators (4) Output Jacks offer a unique version of the Oscillator Waveform Output, this is because these (4) Outputs are located at the 4 "Corners" of the Analog Signal Path, literally allowing you to "Tap-In" to the Signal at various points along its Oscillation Path. But Wait! These (4) Waveform Output Jacks are also Inputs! They can just as easily function as Inputs Into the signal path, Drastically altering the overall behavior of the Analog Circuitry. So, between the (2) provided Oscillator Modules, there are a total of (8) possible patch points that can be Interconnected to induce new and interesting cross-modulations between the Oscillators, resulting in wild new audio-range behaviors.

Each of the 3 Internal synth modules are powered by their own separate Solar Panel. These 3 Solar Panels not only provide power to the circuits, but also provide the Interactive Playing interface for the instrument as-well. By using your hands, objects, or shadows alone, you can affect how much current is supplied to the individual modules. By altering the power flow into the circuits, you can drastically alter their operation. This is where the real fun begins! While the Oscillators are cross-connected via patch wires, altering the Solar Panels light input forces the circuits to "bend" and "stretch" their current-flow in fascinating ways. This is where you find the most bizarre tones as the circuits are forcing the creation of new pathways in order to stay alive!

*** You do NOT need to be Outdoors in order to operate this Solar Powered Instrument! These circuits are designed to operate on very very small sources of Light! They can be powered by the Light from a common Desk Lamp or LED light of practically any kind. ***Place this synth next to a window and hear it come alive as the Morning Sun Rises ***

The Mixer/Amp Module takes the outputs from the Oscillator Modules and boosts them to an audible level suitable for headphones or line-out applications. This Mixer Module has 5 Separate Inputs that each are adjusted to a unique Gain Level. However, these 5 Gain Level Inputs are MUCH MORE than simply a way to choose a final volume output. Each of the 5 Gain Inputs will Shape the Input Signal in a different way, allowing hidden aspects of the original signal to be "squished" or "expanded" in order to be heard in the Final Mix Output.

--- Comes with (4) Patching Wires and a Bag of (20) Capacitors of Assorted Sizes.

--- Audio Outputs through a 1/8th Inch (3.55 mm) Jack

*** This is an Extremely Limited Production run of only (24) Handmade Units ***

*** These are Ready to Ship out Same Day! ***

Each unit is a one-of-a-kind. Each is a small piece of myself, thank you all for supporting my journey to create new and unique Electronic Musical Instruments -Ellis"

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