MATRIXSYNTH: Endorphin shuttle system. Backstage for "life is a trip contest".

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Endorphin shuttle system. Backstage for "life is a trip contest".

Published on Jan 17, 2018 Петр Тутаев

Don't miss the funny story about customs below.


I really appreciate that talented and lovely guys from choose me as one of five artist who will make tracks using awesome endorphin shuttle system for 'life is a trip contest' [posted here] ! So this is a small backstage video of the track recording process for the contest. Track in the background is not for contest but also made with powerful combination of furthrrrr generator terminal modules. As for my upcoming track I use shuttle system in every part of it for basslines, playing dirty lead sounds, making percussive patterns and noise textures. And what I would say about my "shuttle experience". I found that it is very deep and multi-functional instrument but at the same time it’s easy to start. It is standalone instrument but at the same time it’s fiendly to be integrated with other pieces of my stuff. My favourite things is experiments with furthrrr modulations, infinite possibilities of shuttle control module and punchy percussive possibilities of the system. I’m not playing live a lot, but in the studio shuttle system has a very plentiful sound.

Once again thank you endorphin team! Traditionally thank you Fedor Vetkalov, Jury Mo, Kirill for assisting during recording process, and Natalie who gives me a lot of energy and inspiration. And I say hello to other artist of the 'life is a trip contest' and all endorphin pilots!:)

P.S. There was funny moment when I received box with shuttle system in the customs. Customs officer ask me for declaration to bring any letters and manual describing system and translated it via google translator (because they do not rely and believe to declarants translations). So the letter starts with «CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the 5 chosen artists to be a part of this wonderful experience spreading modular love all over our beautiful planet». I would say that in Russian it’s sounds really strange. Customs officer (quite young, beautiful but very serious lady) - «I do not have any experience in declaration of the spreading modular love» and after these words she became kinder and kinder. @endorphin you are making very creative manuals and letters which creatively translated by google translator for the coldest Russian hearts))))"

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