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Friday, January 19, 2018

The MUSE for Minimoog

"MUSE turns the new Minimoog Reissue into the best synthesizer ever!

MUSE Features ENG
The MUSE - what´s that?
The MUSE (Minimoog´s Ultimate System Extension) is a new plag&play interface for the Minimoog Reissue. The MUSE solves the conceptual restrictions of the synthesizer (imprecise pitch-bend, no MIDI connection of modulation-wheel or decay and glide switches, pitch-wheel issues caused by the current firmware, etc.) and offers new and helpful functions. MUSE is the invisible workhorse for the live and studio performance. The MUSE definitely turns the Minimoog Reissue into the best synthesizer ever.

Functions for the (live) performance
The pitch wheel has a clear center position now - no more detuning at the center point
The pitch wheel range can be set from 0 to 12 precise semi tones
The intensity of the modulation wheel can be reduced to 25% - for a sensitive control of the modulation signal
The after-touch can control the amount of modulation
An additional "fingered glide" mode automatically activates the portamento effect (= Autoglide)
All functions can be changed quickly via the keyboard and saved permanently
Functions for the MIDI studio
The modulation wheel sends and receives MIDI controller data
MIDI-after-touch can control the strength of the modulation
Both switches - Glide and Decay - send and receive MIDI data
MUSE also smooth out external MIDI-pitch-bend data. Incoming MIDI-bending sounds as smooth as it was played directly on the keyboard
The MIDI pitch bend bug of the Moog firmware V1.8 is solved by MUSE
At "Local off" all left hand controllers are separated by the internal sound generator and affect the MIDI-out only (especially the pitch-wheel!)"

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  1. Just got that and it´s great!



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