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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Behringer Neutron Testing

Published on Feb 10, 2018 DivKidVideo

1. Behringer Neutron Testing - Feature Jam
"Here's my first video of seven (to kick things off, more to come) with the Behringer Neutron. This is a little feature jam with the Korg SQ-1 sequencing the pitch and gate and a few eurorack modular drums mixed in for good measure."

2. Behringer Neutron Testing - Paraphonic VCO & Filter Workout
Here I have a Korg SQ-1 sending a 4 note sequence to the first Curtis CEM 3340 VCO and a 3 note sequence to the second VCO. This gives us some overlapping polymeric (not polymeter, that's conversation for another day) patterns. The VCOs sound great playing overlapping patterns then mixing through paraphonically into the filter/VCA/drive/delay.

3. Behringer Neutron Testing - Synth Drone
Here's a synth drone for the third video of seven from my time testing the Behringer Neutron. There's the BBD Delay, lots of modulation from the LFO and sample and hold as well as the two ADSR envelopes.

4. Behringer Neutron Testing - BBD Delay Workout
PLEASE NOTE - the final version has two BBD chips and a longer delay with less noise until much longer delay times. I'll have that unit coming soon to make more fulsome content.

In this patch from my time testing the prototype Neutron unit from Behringer I'm playing around with the BBD delay chips. The delay can be used completely standalone with input and output and also a CV input for the delay rate (it will with modulation make a great chorus). In the default signal path it comes at the end of the signal path after the overdrive.

5. Behringer Neutron Testing - Acid Patch
Here's an acid style patch with the Behringer Neutron. You can hear the filters snarl and raw character as well as the richness of the oscillators coming through. There's the output overdrive and BBD delay in play at points too.

6. Behringer Neutron Testing - Cosmic Synth FX
While these little teaser videos for the Behringer Neutron are coming to and end (one more video, the seventh uploaded this weekend) here's some Cosmic Synth FX making use of the patchbay and on board delay to create some more abstract and experimental drones and noises. Perfect "sample fodder" to record and cut up for more "conventional" uses as percussion or little noise and FX hits.

7. Behringer Neutron Testing - Sync, Drive & Character
With the sync mode between the oscillators you can get all sorts of overbowing, guitar feedback, plucked string like twang extra harmonics into the core sound on the Neutron before going through the filtering, drive, VCA and delay. So this video is just that, testing out the sync between two oscillators and playing around. It's also the last video in the 7 I made for test patches.

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