MATRIXSYNTH: Detachment 3 Archangel 16-step Sequencer with Touchplate Keyboard SN 008

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Detachment 3 Archangel 16-step Sequencer with Touchplate Keyboard SN 008

via this auction

"Less than 50 of these exist. This unit is serial number 008.

MSRP was $2000. Price reflects the scarcity of the item.

Analog, Meet Musical
Designed for rapid composition and live performance, Archangel is a 4-row 16-step analog CV sequencer with integrated expressive touchplate controller, note quantizer, sequential switch and flexible synchronization system. With the ability to slave to as well as drive both MIDI and DIN sync, Archangel acts as the hub of your musical setup.

Steps of Fury
The sequencer can be set from 1 to 16 steps, has 5 direction modes, and three integrated sequential switches. There are two 2:1 switches that merge the top and bottom two pairs of rows, and one 4:1 sequential switch that merges all 4 rows. Altering the step size and number of steps per row does not take effect until the start of the next pattern. When paired with the touchplate keyboard, the sequencer can be played like an instrument either continuously looping or in one-shot mode.

Old-School Connections
Archangel works well with vintage sequencing systems as well by including control inputs and outputs that allow interfacing to more traditional modular sequencing systems: stage advance, reset, clock and stage one pulse outputs to patch into external modules or vintage sequencers.

Made To Be Played
The touchplate keyboard has a gate/CV output for the 16 keys, which can output 16 different scales. The keyboard also has a pressure and vertical position output, which allow for even more dynamic control of your music. All CV outputs are 0-5V, and the sequencer outputs can be quantized to either chromatic output or the same scale the keyboard is set to."

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